Jewry's Personal Internet Army

Jewry's Personal Internet Army

Its June and its Pride month.  Prepare yourself for the season of unescapable declarations of support for degeneracy across the world, as governments, companies, and individuals with a platform make heartfelt public statements in support of the LGBT community and what it needs to achieve equality in our societies.

For those of us who can see past the rainbow flag profile pictures and "celebrations” in our streets you might notice that this is now less about activism from these degenerate groups, but more about a shift towards a point where businesses who don’t publicly support the faggots and trannies will be in the minority and at risk of being branded homo/transphobic and thus be boycotted by they/them/it’s around the world.  It’s not less about a moral stand but a financial one for those who object.

While this Homo-izing of high-profile brands and companies which has trickled down to smaller business now helps the Homo/Trans agenda be more visible every year, it also helps the “woke” revolutionaries feel they are on the right side of society.  When their banks and coffee chains fly the rainbow flag they can now feel even better about themselves while they sip a latte and doxx someone who posted on Facebook that they don’t think it’s okay for kids to watch grown men dressed in leather wave dildos at each other at a pride march.

Given the number of rich (Homosexual) Jews backing these campaigns globally it is no wonder they would eventually buy their way into the masses psyche and force this change.  I doubt however they anticipated just how deranged woke culture would become in support of it.

Imagine how helpful it would be to have criticism of your particular agenda be so toxic that anyone who does so, will be vilified by strangers worldwide… for free (but also generating add revenue off the side of anything going viral), and without any legal repercussions to you whatsoever.

Just wait until we have to endure a Trans-BLM pride crossover parade.

Happy pride month everyone…