Kristina Lisina and Why Feminism is Cancer

Kristina Lisina and Why Feminism is Cancer

I learn from Will Steward in the ‘Daily Mail’ that a Russian porn star named Kristina Lisina – known professionally and on PornHub as well as on OnlyFans as ‘Kris the Foxx’ has committed suicide by jumping from a twenty-two floor apartment block in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Kristina’s death is a tragedy no matter what she was in life precisely because no matter what she had done she was still able to give Russia some more Slavic babies which is apparently what she wanted.

Her sad life and death however should serve as a lesson to young women of European origin around the world to not buy into the destructive lies that feminism and its many proponents try to teach them.

Originally from the city of Krasnoyarsk in Siberia; Kristina conformed to the time-honoured habit of youth and fled her native place for the big city. In this case: St. Petersburg. Upon arrival she found employment in a bank and worked there for a total of five days before deciding this kind of wage slavery was not for her.

She then looked around for a way to ‘get rich quick’ and settled on that similarly time-honoured route for attractive sexually adventurous young women: porn. Now obviously Kristina had some success in porn given that in the days before she died, she had bought her own apartment in St. Petersburg which is not a cheap city in which to purchase property.

At some point in the last year or so Kristina had also set up an OnlyFans – so that stupid desperate men could send her money to jack off to her nude and semi-nude/suggestive photos and videos – and so seemingly had her life ‘all before her’.

Superficially this was true as Kristina ‘had it all’ but what is obvious is that she was not happy as she was severely depressed. The reason that Kristina was severely depressed was not because she didn’t have material comforts as she clearly did, but rather because she wanted to become a mother and a loving wife to a Slavic man.

Her problem was that by having sexual adventures with dozens if not hundreds of different men as a porn star and OnlyFans girl she had lost the ability to pair bond with men resulting in an inability to be happy in relationships due to her previous sexual promiscuity. It doesn’t help that the kind of man she wanted to make her his wife would have run a mile when they realized that she was a porn star, had had sex with dozens if not hundreds of different men and was covered in tattoos.

Hence why she ended up in a sexual relationship with a Mongoloid – possibly from Uzbekistan – named Rustam M which clearly did not satisfy her because before her death she had confessed to friends she was desperate ‘to be loved’ and ‘wanted to have children’. Translated from womanese this means Kristina didn’t feel any love for her pet Mongoloid and didn’t want to have children with him preferring instead a Slavic man who didn’t want her because of her sexual past and porn career.

Her pet Mongoloid was simply the only man who would take her, and she was quite rightly desperate and depressed now that her looks were fading and her porn career on the decline. This is the almost inevitable result for women who ‘slut-it-up’ in their youth – especially those who betray their race and have sex with non-whites - and think that when they get to their thirties, they can then get a high value man to take them to wife and look after them as well as give them lots of babies.

This is the lie of feminism; the unsubstantiated emotionally-based fantasy that women ‘can have it all’: sex with lots of different men, career, high value husband and a couple of babies to boot all before she is 40. Sure, there are exceptions to the rule but these are few and far between and 99.9 percent of women are not going to be a ‘Boss Babe’ but rather the ‘Discarded Whore’ who is desperately unhappy because they believed the lies sold to them by feminists and unhappy old women trying to claim they are ‘getting lots of sex and money’ and ‘living their best life’.

If women wanted to be happy, they would engage in self-reflection about what they actually want and plan to get it. What women want is not what the eponymous Mel Gibson film tells you they do because you have to look at what women do and not what they say they want.

That is women want to find the best man they can who they are willing to submit to (and who can dominate them in every way) – men after all fundamentally just want a woman who adds to their life and makes his home peaceful rather than pugnacious – and settle down to have children in their early to mid-20s or so, which is a woman’s sexual and reproductive peak. Once a woman is past her mid-20s she is effectively washed up in biological terms and while not infertile her ability to conceive and bring a healthy baby to term drastically declines the older she gets from that point.

This is why women so often get very unhappy and consequently ‘broody’ – i.e., child-minded – after their mid-20s because they have their ‘Epiphany’ – as Rollo Tomassi calls it – and panic that they haven’t found suitable mate yet and start searching for any somewhat suitable baby daddies (i.e., they begin drastically lowering their standards for a mate).

Kristina’s story is exactly this; the realization that she is past her sexual and reproductive prime, not fulfilling her biological destiny and would have to settle – if she wanted babies – with a non-Slavic man because of her sexual past and not have babies that looked like her.

That is why it is both a tragedy and a moral lesson to European women across the world.

Don’t let what happened to Kristina happen to you.

Find the best man you can when you are in early 20s and chose to submit to him and give him as many children as you can. Then while it is a struggle initially you will reap the rewards in the years to come while women who followed feminism’s advice die young unhappy, unfulfilled and alone.

In a National Socialist society, it would be easy to find a suitable man young and although it is harder in today’s so-called ‘sexual democracy’ it is far from impossible. There are plenty of suitable men out in the world ladies and the longer you hold on to your V card the more valuable you are in the modern sexual marketplace.

For heaven’s sake: don’t be a slut and you’ll discover in a few short years how appreciative you are of that advice when you have a dominant loving husband while you only have to worry about taking care of the home and the kids. You’ll be not only happy but content in your life and decisions.