Kung Flu Update (Week 31 2021)

Since the evil Chinese virus that shall not be named – no not Xi Jinping but rather Kung Flu – is apparently here to stay I figured that TPS should have a weekly update of news to do with it.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio having failed to bribe people to get vaccinated with fries (as incidentally has Shake Shack) is now offering sceptical New Yorkers $100 in cash to get vaccinated.

Yet it turns out that in the so-called ‘Delta Variant’ of Kung Flu (aka the Pajeet Pox) has been found to be most infectious among those who are vaccinated in California, Denmark and Singapore.  It has also turned out that according to a new localised study from the CDC that the ‘Delta Variant’ - while far more infectious - has proven to be far, far less lethal than others, which is in-line with the projected virus mutation from an evolutionary standpoint that it would because less lethal so that the host would survive and the virus would be able to multiply and spread.

This then means that all the media hype about how ‘the unvaccinated’ (aka big scary word meaning ‘doesn’t want to take the risk associated with the vaccine’ [which is possibly substantial] and is a legal right in pretty much the whole of the Western world [which governments are trying to attack with the French Presidential Emmanuel Macron leading the charge in addition to the US military, universities in the UK and surprisingly hospitals in Texas]) are ‘begging for vaccines’ in Alabama (I call horseshit Dr. Brytney Cobia) and are ‘putting the vaccinated at risk’ (so the vaccine isn’t effective at all then?) is ipso facto bullshit.

All this nonsense and media scares about the Pajeet Pox has led to such ridiculous things as demands for ‘Vaccine Passes’ for events in the UK (from Neocons no less [I wonder why?]), Walt Disney World enforcing mandatory mask wearing in Florida, ‘Sky News Australia’ being temporarily banned by YouTube for saying things Google doesn’t like about Kung Flu (apparently Google knows better than media organisations) and the Pajeet Pox as well as the military being used as a lockdown police force by the Australian government.

You thought things would get back to normal after the Wu Flu turned up and the governments around the world decided to basically suspend civil liberties while paying billions upon billions to Big Pharma for vaccines that apparently don’t work properly - why else would there be any kind of fear mongering that the ‘unvaccinated’ might infect the ‘vaccinated’? – for a disease that is becoming increasingly harmless and a repeat of the standard winter flu (albeit probably a bit worse) as it evolves.

You were wrong because the governments dominated by the liberal sodomite capitalist illiterati and their jewish masters have now decided that you cannot be trusted with civil liberties ever again and need to be monitored at all times as well as believe in the official gospel of the truth as espoused by George Soros and his multitude of myrmidons.

The answer to 1984 is not 1776 but 1933.