Kung Flu Update (Week 35)

Kung Flu Update (Week 35)

Let’s talk about Kung Flu or as I like to call it these days the Pajeet Pox again.

We’ve been seeing plenty of scaremongering from the jewish-run mainstream media about the ‘Delta Variant’ aka the ‘Indian Variant’ aka the Pajeet Pox with ‘Newsweek’ claiming the apocalypse is coming even though it is already well-known to be far less dangerous although more infectious.

That said the Kung Flu/Pajeet Pox vaccines continue to be dangerous with the first confirmed fatality in New Zealand caused by the Pfizer/BioTech vaccine announced this week and Japan have just reported the alarming finding that the Moderna vaccine has significant amounts of stainless steel particles in it causing the country to suspend its use of the Moderna vaccine in the province of Okinawa.

Rand Paul – who unlike nearly every journalist writing about Kung Flu actually has an M.D.has also pointed out that the CDC refuses to study Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin as drugs that have potential to help prevent/cure Kung Flu because of their link to former US President Donald Trump. Although a Judge in Ohio has forced medical professionals there to treat a seriously ill patient with Ivermectin.

CNN’s Jim Acosta has even tried to weaponize Kung Flu and the Pajeet Pox by claiming they should be named after Republican governors for ‘denying people vaccines’, while a jewish professor of psychology at the University of Georgia named Irwin Bernstein has resigned in the middle of a giving class because a student ‘wouldn’t wear a mask’ (good riddance!).

The College of Idaho has decided that it is a great idea to charge students for Kung Flu tests if they aren’t vaccinated – the opposite of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio who is still trying to bribe people to get vaccinated with food – while Mark Karlin writing for the ‘Daily Kos’ goes even further by arguing that anyone who isn’t vaccinated should be imprisoned in their home and forced to wear ankle monitors indefinitely.

In UK the Paki Mayor of London Sadiq Khan – who is about as British as Xi Jinping – is trying to criminalize not wearing facemasks on London transport despite not having any legal powers in that direction whatsoever.

In Sydney, Australia troops are being used to enforce the lockdown but naturally all the chinks, gooks and niggers are bitching about it complaining that it shouldn’t apply to them because ‘they feel unsafe’ with troops around.

While Pete Parada – drummer of the famous pop punk group ‘The Offspring’has been ‘sacked’ for not getting the Kung Flu vaccine, but perhaps the most egregious bit of illogic has been deployed by the jewish journalist Jonathan Cohn in the pages of the ‘Huffington Post’ where he argues that ‘mandatory COVID vaccination’ is not a violation of freedom in essence because it ‘might hurt someone else’ but fails to note that the same logic applied to other situations would mean that you’d declare homosexuality illegal, ban abortion en toto and more interestingly forbid niggers from breeding on pain of death on the basis that they are a violent and fast-reproducing invasive species.