Kung Flu Update (Week 39)

Kung Flu Update (Week 39)

Let’s talk about Kung Flu or as I like to call it these days the Pajeet Pox again.

Meanwhile countries are ‘opening up’ around the world after realizing that you cannot lockdown people and economies forever and expect bills to be paid and the inevitable demands from the fat cats in government and its accompanying bureaucracy to ‘raise taxes’ (which will never go back down) even as jewish-owned Facebook is leading the charge against the ‘anti-Lockdown’ movement claiming it is ‘harming society’ while jewish-owned YouTube has banned the German language affiliate of ‘Russia Today’ for daring to question the official narrative on both the efficacy and side effects of the vaccines being promoted by the mainstream media and governments which caused some strong words but not much else from ‘Russia Today’s’ corporate representatives and the Russian government itself.

There has also been shrieking about innovative anti-vaccine propaganda in the UK and online mockery of ‘vaccine victims’ in the US (with the habitual forgetfulness that there weren’t and aren’t supposed to be many or significant side effects) but yet remarkably little coverage of the hard push for mandatory vaccination in places like California (including barring the non-vaccinated from any kind of normal life) and Vatican City as well as industry with United Airlines preparing to arbitrarily fire (in contravention of anti-discrimination legislation) 600 staff who merely refused to take the COVID vaccination while Novant Health in North Carolina have fired 175 medical staff and suspended a further 375 for ‘failing/refusing to get the vaccines’ while New York is looking to fire and suspend another 5,000 medical staff over 11 public hospitals for the same ‘offence’ but it is creating so many holes in their workforce that there is a plan to use the National Guard as a long term stop gap.

The danger of Kung Flu has never in some ways been worse with recent confirmation that even being full vaccinated is no bar to being poxed and dying horribly within days as we’ve seen with a fully vaccinated couple in Michigan succumbing minutes apart and the troubled Moderna vaccine has been suspended in Ontario, Canada for 18-24 year old men due to significant side effects in over a hundred cases.

Oh, what a wonderful world we live, huh?