Latina Guard at California Prison Imprisoned for ‘Sexual Relationship’ with Inmate

Latina Guard at California Prison Imprisoned for ‘Sexual Relationship’ with Inmate

According to Peter Lopez writing for ‘KUTV’ another example of why women should not be prison officers at all and if they are particularly not around male prisoners.

He writes how:

‘A 27-year-old ex-California correctional officer was sentenced to two years of probation and 210 days in jail after being sexually involved with an inmate.

According to the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, Tina Gonzalez was               arrested in 2020 after investigators determined she was sexually active with an inmate. She was also arrested for giving an inmate a cell phone and for having a controlled substance in jail.

The sheriff’s office said she bailed out after being in custody for one day.

Staff members were given a tip regarding an inmate with a cell phone who was also said to be in a sexual relationship with Gonzalez. They searched the inmate’s cell and found the phone.

An internal investigation was opened and found evidence supporting the allegations against Gonzalez.’

There is little here that is very revolutionary: Gonzalez was having sex with a presumably male prisoner, she smuggled him an illegal cell phone into the prison and also appears to have had some kind of drugs on her too and then she got caught.

The key points to take away from this are that:

A) Female prison guards are just a bad idea in any but an entirely female prison population due to the fact that many women are sexually aroused by - and fall in love with - extremely violent men (aka Hybristophilia) of which prison is – of course – full of and this causes the integrity of the prison staff to be easily comprised.

B) Gonzalez should not be in America anyway as she is clearly some kind of Latrino border jumper originally and this sort of job should never be done by anyone with any links south of the Rio Grande because of the high likelihood of cartel connections and influence.

Wouldn’t a White America solve these problems?

Why yes it would.

I wonder why?