Leftist Nuclear Engineer and Academic Wife Plead Guilty to Treason

Leftist Nuclear Engineer and Academic Wife Plead Guilty to Treason

According to Tara McKelvey writing for the ‘BBC’ a leftist nuclear engineer and his wife – who was an academic and thus immune to reality impinging on her ideology – have quietly pleaded guilty to committing treason in West Virginia.

We read how:

‘A US Navy engineer's wife has pleaded guilty to helping her husband try to sell secrets about nuclear-powered submarines to a foreign country.

Diana Toebbe, 46, acted as a lookout while her husband left information at a "dead drop" spot, once hiding a data card inside a peanut butter               sandwich.

A former teacher, she will go to prison for up to three years under her plea deal with federal prosecutors.

Her husband, Jonathan Toebbe, 42, pleaded guilty earlier this week.

Under his plea deal, he will receive a sentence of about 12-17 years.

Both of the Toebbes pleaded guilty in federal court in Martinsburg, West Virginia, to conspiring to communicate restricted data.

The crime carried the possibility of a life sentence.

Jonathan Toebbe was an expert in nuclear-propulsion systems on               submarines, one of the nation's most closely guarded secrets.

He tried to sell the information to a foreign government, sending messages to someone who he believed was a foreign official, according to the justice department. In fact, the individual was an undercover FBI agent.

Before their arrest in October, the Toebbes lived with their two children in Annapolis, Maryland, home of the US Naval Academy.

Diana Toebbe taught history and English at a private school. She has a PhD in anthropology from Emory University in Atlanta.

Jonathan Toebbe served in the Navy before becoming a member of the military reserve. He worked in the office of the chief of naval operations in Arlington, Virginia.

Prosecutors had argued the Toebbes were a flight risk, citing messages between the couple about quickly fleeing the US.

Diana Toebbe's lawyers said those messages were about her dislike of then-President Donald Trump and had nothing to do with the plot to sell classified information to a foreign nation.’

Considering the fact that obviously the ‘foreign nation’ concerned was not Russia – as Diana Toebbe was virulently anti-Trump and Russia was falsely claimed to be ‘behind his election’ – then it was probably China. So, the Toebbes are not only guilty of treason but also of racial treason by trying to give the nuclear secrets - which are the collective property of the Aryan race - to sub-human bug people who can only manage to copy what we create, not create themselves.

We can see that Toebbes were leftist filth in the fact that in the photo published of their home in Maryland, they have a ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign displayed prominently if unaesthetically on the front of their house and Diana Toebbe got her PhD from Emory University in Anthropology which – unless you go into the hard science end of it (i.e. Physical/Biological/Genetic Anthropology) – is a notoriously leftist discipline filled with social science types prattling on about nothing in particular while using lots of big words and PowerPoint slides.

I mean even looking at Dianna Toebbe you can sort of tell that – aside from being obese – she picked her husband as a desperate last option after she’d run through a bunch of nigger ‘boyfriends’ on and off campus only to discover that the ‘racist stereotypes’ about niggers are actually based on reality not the ‘fantasies of ignorant racists’. Hence both the ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign and her apparent deep-seated need to corrupt her stupid soy boy of a husband into betraying the collective intellectual property of the Aryan race to sub-human bug people.

This is exactly why the electric chair was invented.