Lost Sketch by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Discovered

Lost Sketch by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Discovered

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo is one of the great eighteenth century Italian artists and is rightly famous for his paintings on classical and religious subjects with his 1721 ‘Scipio Africanus Freeing Massiva’ and 1760 ‘Apollo Pursuing Daphne’ being particular favourites.

Therefore, it is a happy day when it is reported that a hitherto forgotten Tiepolo piece has been discovered in the attic of Weston Hall in the UK.

As the BBC writes:

‘The work features Punchinello, the hook-nosed, humpbacked clowns who were some of the stock characters taken from the Commedia dell' Arte - an early form of professional theatre.’

Therefore, as National Socialists we should always welcome any new example of Aryan art into the cannon and particularly one from so distinguished an Old Master as Tiepolo.

Adolf himself would have been pleased to have it in his collection.