Mass Protests in Cuba against the Cuban Communist Party

Mass Protests in Cuba against the Cuban Communist Party

Mass Protests in Cuba against the Cuban Communist Party

Frances Robles writing in the ‘New York Times’ has documented the somewhat unexpected ructions going on in Cuba with large scale street protests for the first time in decades as well as attacks on the Cuban police.

She describes how:

‘Shouting “Freedom” and other anti-government slogans, thousands of Cubans took to the streets in cities around the country on Sunday to             protest food and medicine shortages, in a remarkable eruption of             discontent not seen in nearly 30 years.

Thousands of people marched through San Antonio de los Baños,             southwest of Havana, with videos streaming live on Facebook for nearly an hour before they suddenly disappeared. As the afternoon wore on, other videos appeared from demonstrations elsewhere, including Palma Soriano, in the country’s southeast. Hundreds of people also gathered in Havana, where a heavy police presence preceded their arrival.

“The people are dying of hunger!” one woman shouted during a protest filmed in the province of Artemisa, in the island’s west. “Our children are dying of hunger!”

One clip circulating on Twitter showed protesters overturning a police car in Cardenas, 90 miles east of Havana. Another video showed people looting from one of the much-detested government-run stores, which sell wildly overpriced items in currencies most Cubans do not possess.

In a country known for repressive crackdowns on dissent, the rallies were widely viewed as astonishing. Activists and analysts called it the first time that so many people had openly protested against the Communist             government since the so-called Maleconazo uprising, which exploded in the summer of 1994 into a huge wave of Cubans leaving the country by sea.

Carolina Barrero, a Cuban activist, went even further. “It is the most massive popular demonstration to protest the government that we have experienced in Cuba since ’59,” she said by text message, referring to the year Fidel Castro took power. She called the public outpouring on Sunday “spontaneous, frontal and forceful.”

“What has happened is enormous,” she added.

The protests were set off by a dire economic crisis in Cuba, where the coronavirus pandemic has cut off crucial tourism dollars. People now spend hours in line each day to buy basic food items. Many have been unable to work because restaurants and other businesses have remained on lockdown for months.

The desperate conditions have triggered an uptick in migration by both land and sea.

Since the start of the fiscal year last October, the U.S. Coast Guard has intercepted more than 512 Cubans at sea, compared with 49 for the entire previous year. On Saturday, the Coast Guard suspended the search for nine Cuban migrants whose vessel overturned at sea off Key West, Fla.

The Cuban government attributes its longstanding economic problems to the American trade embargo, which cuts off its access to financing and imports. But the pandemic has worsened conditions, and in Matanzas, east of Havana, some patients and their families have resorted to posting videos on YouTube of furious people screaming about the lack of medicine and doctors.’

Reading all this brings to mind the maxim of the French Marxist philosopher Louis Althusser writing in the 1970s to an Italian communist party activist about how the ‘proletariat is fundamentally materialistic and wants material benefits in return for their support’ (Maria Antonietta Macciocchi, ‘Letters from inside the Italian Communist Party to Louis Althusser’, pp. 41; 46; 64).

What Althusser meant by this is remarkably simple in that people are fundamentally materialistic not idealistic so no matter how noble your cause might appear to them and you; if they cannot put food on the table and take care of their sick loved ones then they aren’t going to support you period.

This is precisely what Robles is describing with the Cuban Communist Party and its state apparatus failing to provide basic services to its population (due to an 11 percent economic contraction caused by the collapse of the island’s tourism industry as well as a bad sugar harvest) such as plenty of cheap food and medical care due to the Kung Flu pandemic raging in Cuba as well as around the world.

It doesn’t help that Cuban government – whose former head Raul Castro (who is jewish by the way) stepped down three days ago – has done its own version of Gorbachev’s ‘Glasnost’ policy by opening up internet access a bit helping trigger - and to allow the coordination - this popular protest.

No I am sure some people on the right will try and defend the Cuban Communist Party’s regime as ‘nationalist’ in orientation, but this is bollocks firstly because it has openly fought against Aryan ethno-states for years – such as in the war in Angola – and secondly because the Cuban Communist Party has been run by a jews since its very inception.

So, no; the Cuban commies are not our ‘friends’ nor ‘nationalists’.

That said I don’t think these protests will be anything more than a flash in the pan as the Cuban Communist Party has a well-developed security infrastructure and it has already moved in to quash any danger to the regime itself:

‘Special forces jeeps, with machine guns mounted on the back were seen throughout the capital and the police presence was heavy even long after most protesters had gone home by the 9 p.m. curfew in place due to the pandemic.’

Hence why Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has called on Joe Biden’s administration in the United States to invade Cuba to ‘liberate’ the Cubans from their Judeo-Bolshevik masters. This is almost politically de rigour since Miami is full of expatriate anti-communist Cubans and Suarez is playing to their vote even if he might also actually believe this himself.

The reality however is that the United States is under no obligation to the Cuban people and no Aryan blood must be spilled to ‘free’ any non-Aryans – even if it is from kikes - and if people like Suarez are so keen to fight the Cuban Communist Party, then I am sure they can arm themselves and go off to invade Cuba in a possibly more successful repeat of the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

I’ll tell you what: maybe the United States should arm the anti-Communist Cubans and then we can deport all the so-called ‘Cuban-Americans’ back to Cuba so that we can make Florida White Again.