Methodist Minister Exposed as Prolific Child-Molesting Sodomite

Methodist Minister Exposed as Prolific Child-Molesting Sodomite

We learn from ABC 2 out of Wisconsin yet another sodomite child molester in the guise of a Christian minister has been discovered. We read how:

‘A local pastor is being held on $100,000 cash bond as he faces more than a dozen counts of possession of child pornography and one count of             possession of methamphetamine.

Rick Haberland, 48, was arrested Thursday at Oneida United Methodist Church in Outagamie County.

In the criminal complaint, investigators say Haberland gave inconsistent answers. He denied viewing child pornography and denied being sexually active or sexually interested in children. But he admitted having at least 20 videos and photos of child pornography on his phone and setting up Zoom meetings to display child pornography.

Investigators say they found chat log records on Skype where Haberland said he liked “young boys only however I love abusing young girls.” Police also found a profile on his phone, which Haberland admitted he wrote, saying he was physically and sexually abused as a child. The profile says he is “an active pedophile” who’s molested children as young as 3 days old to 12 years old and his motto is “molest, abuse, rape & reuse.”’

Aside from Haberland’s motto being a reworded paedophilic version of serial killer Dennis Rader’s famous moniker BTK (‘Bind, Torture, Kill’) what we can see here is that Haberland – who had apparently ‘only been at the church for two years’ (which apparently makes it ‘not too bad’ for reasons I cannot tell you because I am a normal human being) – is yet another example of sodomites who use institutions – be they churches, social media companies and/or charities – to get into positions where they can sexually abuse and molest children with relative impunity and immunity from suspicion.

The response from Outagamie County in Wisconsin is typically weak and pathetic. Haberland has clearly admitted being an active paedophile and child molester and now the taxpayers of Wisconsin are forced to pay for his maintenance while the authorities – who to be fair are usually underfunded but which is little real excuse – faff around trying to put a case together with the local district attorney’s office.

The National Socialist approach is much simpler, cost efficient and satisfying for both the taxpayers of Wisconsin and the victim’s families: hanging Haberland post haste after a speedy public trial and then gifting his body – which he has by dint of his crimes given up all rights to – to a local medical school or research laboratory to expedite some of his guilt through involuntarily assisting the advancement of science.