Mexican Cab Driver repeatedly rapes She-Ape in Brooklyn

Mexican Cab Driver repeatedly rapes She-Ape in Brooklyn

Well, somebody’s got to help counterbalance the black-on-other-races interracial crime statistics now: haven’t they?

I jest of course as rape is a horrific thing – although it is also a very common female sexual fantasy – but in this particular case from Brooklyn, New York we can see how interracial rape is really not something white men do but male spics and assorted other non-nigger shitskins certainly engage in it to varying degrees of frequency.

Covering this the journalist Priscilla DeGregory writes in the ‘New York Post’ that:

‘A Brooklyn girl “saw her whole life flash before her eyes” when she was allegedly raped by a livery cab driver last year — a heinous attack that’s left her stripped of her innocence and feeling terrified of going out in public, her family says.

The victim, now 13, and her relatives relived the nightmare in an exclusive interview with The Post — as they filed a lawsuit against three cab companies who they say shouldn’t have hired the alleged predator in the first place.

“I have anxiety when I get in a cab … it’s scary getting on a train. I don’t know who is who and if somebody is going to hurt me,” the girl, identified in court papers as RB, said in a phone interview.

RB was 12 years old when prosecutors say she was repeatedly raped by Rafael Martinez — who threatened her with a gun and beat her until she was unconscious before the Aug. 10, 2020 attack in the backseat of his car.

“If you say anything, these bullets are for you,” Martinez allegedly told the girl, who was headed to her Bedford-Stuyvesant home from her great-grandmother’s place in Fort Greene.

“If you tell anybody, I know where you live, I’ll come to get you and your family,” he also snarled, according to a criminal complaint.

Martinez pleaded not guilty to 11 counts of first-degree rape and other charges and is now free on bail, his lawyer said — only adding to the girl’s trauma.’

There is very little to say about this other than to note that – predictably – Martinez’s victims have quickly hired a prominent black lawyer named Abe George to get some ‘gibz me dat’ from ‘Car Service International’ who traded under the name of ‘Evelyn Cabs’ who in turn employed Martinez.

This is the new America folks, and it is truly a land of Rape and Murder for All.