More to the Story: White Man punches Jew-ling in Los Angeles

More to the Story: White Man punches Jew-ling in Los Angeles

‘World Israel News’ reported on 16th June that a ‘jewish child’ – despite the attempt to make the kid seem younger than he is I would guess he was more pre-teen say 10-11 – was punched in Los Angeles, California.

They reported it as follows:

‘On a busy thoroughfare in Los Angeles on Tuesday, a man launched a vicious attack on an Orthodox Jewish child, according to reports circulating on social media.’

Now looking at the still of the children and the alleged attacker – an older white guy with a can of coke (part of which looks like it has been spilled on the ground) – as well as the video of how another man on a bike then threatens to ‘kill the jewish family’ as well as the video of the older white guy getting arrested.

Something is just wrong in the sequence of events as the older white guy just hangs around and also why would some random passer-by getting involved like that?

Add that to the guy videoing – who is a ‘friend’ of a female ‘Scottish Zionist’ read jewess-who-likes-tartan named Eve Barlow who first posted these videos to Twitter and writes for ‘I see Nazis everywhere’ ‘Tablet’magazine – is not only being aggressive but trying to start a fight with a random passer-by which is what provokes the man’s comments about ‘killing the jewish family’ which again suggests something significant is missing in this narrative.

Why behave like that otherwise?

Now coming back to the ‘children’, the reason that I mentioned them is that they are described as ‘Orthodox’ by ‘World Israel News’ and this is almost certainly the case but what ‘World Israel News’ leaves out is that they are openly wearing both kippot but also tzitzit (‘fringes’) which suggests they aren’t ‘Modern Orthodox’ (i.e. the relative liberals of the Orthodox world) but are either traditional Orthodox or ultra-Orthodox (but not Hasidim) both of which are the more extreme gentile-hating variants of Judaism and produce a lot of the Israeli Settler movement.

What also caught my attention - in addition to the apparently spilled coke of the alleged aggressor - were the various scooters and bikes littering the sidewalk which likely belong to the jewish ‘children’. Now without actual footage of what happened – which surprise surprise Barlow does not provide – all this suggests that these jewish ‘children’ either did something with their scooters/bikes or said something rather nasty to the old white man causing him to spill his can of coke on the sidewalk and push (probably not punch as none of the children look remotely hurt and an adult male punching a pre-teen is going to send that pre-teen flying) the jewish ‘child in the blue shirt’.

The cut of the video and the manufactured ‘outrage’ by Eve ‘I am a Professional Kike’ Barlow is an attempt to manufacture ‘anti-Semitism’out of no-where as well as potential ruin a white man’s life by some jewish whore defending some equally obnoxious little jew-lings who need to fuck off back to Israel on the first El-Al Aliyah flight they can find.

After all what are the first things she claims:

‘Today on Melrose Ave, a man punched a visibly Jewish child in the face while he was playing on scooters with his friends. A friend of mine confronted him before he was arrested and another man came to the guy’s defence and said he wanted to kill the boy’s entire Jewish family.

This is not normal. The regularity of these types of attacks is not normal. In broad daylight. Sharing these images with permission. The boy in the blue shirt was attacked.’

Oy vey… Nazis everywhere!

We are everywhere Eve because living around jews causes you despise them because you see the so-called ‘Chosen People’ as they really are.