Muslim slashes Woman for ‘Insulting Islam’ in London

Muslim slashes Woman for ‘Insulting Islam’ in London

In yet another demonstration that Muslims have no place in any kind of non-Islamic society; the UK has had yet another hushed up kebabening in the centre of London.

The BBC’s article on the subject is predictably devoid of any supporting analysis – which has never been in the case when it is believed to be so-called ‘far-right domestic terrorism’ – but does give a good run down of the facts:

‘A woman has been slashed with a knife at Speakers' Corner in London's Hyde Park, police have said.

The 39-year-old was taken to hospital after the attack on Sunday             afternoon at the site, where people gather for public speeches and debates.

The Metropolitan Police said she received a minor slash injury to the head, which was not life-threatening.

Footage shared on social media shows someone dressed in black               approaching a woman wearing a Charlie Hebdo T-shirt.

She is later seen clutching her right hand close to her body, with what appears to be blood at her temple, as she is helped into a police van by officers who were nearby.’

Now put me and a dress and call me Karen if that doesn’t sound like an Islam-inspired knife attack then I don’t what does.

Firstly, the victim was in a Charlie Hebdo t-shirt at Hyde Park’s famous ‘Speaker’s Corner’ where free speech and assorted crankery rules. In other words, the victim was likely wearing said t-shirt while exercising their free speech and attacking Islam at ‘Speaker’s Corner’.

Secondly, the attacker dressed in all black out of nowhere decides to start trying to stab them with a knife.

The only thing missing here is the ‘Allahu Akbar’ and even then, there is notably little attempt by the BBC to go further into the events but rather to just leave them as ‘yet another London stabbing’.

Could they be a rather odd bit of gang violence?

Sure, but it seems very unlikely in this particular context and suggests more Islam than the Isle of Dogs.

Add to that the fact that the British police are amazingly keen to ‘prevent speculation’ (aka we know how this looks and we don’t want to admit it) and we likely have yet another example of an Islamic terror attack in the West caused by importing copious and amorphous shitskins to stop the ‘evil Aryans’ have even more evil ‘White Privilege’.