Negress Attacks Southwest Airlines Employee

Negress Attacks Southwest Airlines Employee

According to the ‘Associated Press’ a negress has physically assaulted a Southwest Airlines employee in Dallas, Texas.

They write how:

‘A woman has been arrested after punching a Southwest Airlines employee in the head during boarding for a flight out of a Dallas airport, police said.

Arielle Jean Jackson, 32, was arrested Saturday afternoon at Love Field, Dallas police said. Police said Jackson has been charged with aggravated assault.

The incident happened during the boarding process for a flight from Dallas to New York's La Guardia Airport, Southwest Airlines spokesman Chris Mainz said.

Police said that Jackson first had a verbal altercation with an operations agent at the back of the plane and was asked to exit. As Jackson was exiting, she had another verbal altercation with a second operations agent that turned physical, with Jackson striking the agent on the head with a closed fist, police said.’

As we might say: monkey see, monkey do.

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