Negress Drives Around Baltimore for Year with Kids Corpses in Car Trunk

Negress Drives Around Baltimore for Year with Kids Corpses in Car Trunk

You wonder why niggers even claim to be human sometimes and this is one of those times. It has been recently reported by Liam Reilly for CNN that a 33-year-old negress has been driving around Baltimore for the last year with the rotting corpses of two children in the trunk of her car.

Reilly writes how:

‘A Baltimore woman is facing multiple charges, including child abuse resulting in death, after police found the remains of her 7-year-old niece and 5-year-old nephew in her car late Wednesday, according to the             Baltimore County Police Department.

Nicole Michelle Johnson, 33, of Baltimore, was arrested on Thursday and charged with two counts each of first-degree felony child abuse,                       first-degree felony child abuse resulting in death; misdemeanor neglect of a minor; misdemeanor failure to report the death of a child; and the unauthorized burial of a body as a misdemeanor, court records show.’

Nor is there any doubt that this was some kind of accident as Johnson basically beat her sister’s kids to death for ‘misbehaving’ after her sister fucked off to Ohio (probably because she was following her dealer/pimp or some such creature):

‘According to charging documents filed with Johnson's charges, officers pulled Johnson over for speeding around 11 p.m. on Wednesday and found she had neither license nor insurance, and that she was using a fake             temporary tag. The officers advised that Johnson report to the district court in five days and that they were going to tow her car, according to the documents.

Johnson then stated, "It don't matter, I won't be here in five days" and "y'all going to see me on the news, y'all going to see on the news making my big debut," according to the documents.

Johnson then retrieved items from the trunk of her car, including a             maggot-filled clear trash bag with a strong "decomposition odor" and a black and yellow plastic tote, according to the documents.

The officer asked Johnson to open the clear trash bag, which she               eventually did, revealing a suitcase that Johnson claimed contained             blankets, the documents said. Johnson attempted to use the blanket to conceal the contents of the suitcase but officer told her to remove the blanket and she did, "exposing the decomposing body of a young child," according to the documents.

At his point, Johnson attempted to flee but was quickly caught, the               document said. Officers then opened the plastic tote bag and found another plastic bag containing the remains of another child.

The bags contained the remains of two siblings, which police said were Johnson's niece and nephew, 7-year-old Joshlyn Johnson and her             5-year-old brother, Larry O'Neil. Police noted that it will take some time to determine the cause of death and the Maryland state medical examiner has not yet responded to CNN's inquiry.

Johnson told detectives that she hit the girl several times for "misbehaving," causing her to fall and hit her head on the floor, according to the documents. Johnson then stowed the girl's body in a suitcase and carried it around for months.

She also told detectives that she'd seen blood on the Larry's leg two months ago and that he never woke up after saying he was tired, after which she placed him in the plastic tote which she later placed in the trunk with his sister. It is not clear when the boy's body was moved to the car. An autopsy found that Joshlyn weighed 18 pounds and the Larry weighed 21 pounds, according to the documents.’

So basically no one would have known the two niglets were dead or even missing if it wasn’t for a chance traffic stop by police because Johnson was behaving like a typical nigger and driving around without either a license or insurance. No nigger actually gave a fuck about the niglets – not even their own mother – so they just dumped them off on each other until such time as the sister simply beat them to death and didn’t even bother to try to dispose of their remains (proving how much of a moronic nigger she is) or turn herself in (proving how typically immoral a nigger she is).

Where are the ‘Black Lives Matter’ activists in all this?

Sipping champagne while eating at their local Nusr-Et Steakhouse?


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