Negress Executes Another Negress in New York City

Negress Executes Another Negress in New York City

The ‘New York Post’ carried the story the other day of the ‘shocking’ – not the word I’d use which would be ‘commonplace’ – execution-style shooting of one negress by another negress in Prospect Heights, New York City.

We are told how:

‘Shocking video obtained by The Post shows the moment a woman with a gun walked up to another woman and shot her dead on a crowded               Prospect Heights street Tuesday – before casually strolling away.

The video shows a shooter wearing a purse walk up to 42-year-old Delia Johnson and shoot the unsuspecting victim in the head while she was having a conversation with some people sitting on the stoop of a building on Franklin Avenue near Prospect Place.

The shooting happened at about 9:40 p.m., police sources said.’

The fact is that such killings are commonplace in New York City as in other big metropolitan cities in the United States as well as increasingly in Europe as shitskins are allowed to run wild and unchecked by increasingly ineffective and politically-orientated police forces – just look at how much times and resources they use to deal with shitskin (and in particular nigger) violence in general versus how much time and resources they devote to tracking down the people behind ‘offensive comments’ online -  who are afraid to arrest niggers for fear of being called ‘racist’ but also believing the lie that the nigger’s violence is due to ‘historical trauma’ caused by ‘racism’ so thus in order to combat it they need to arrest racists (aka any white person) not niggers.

This execution is even more commonplace than the normal onward rumble of nigger violence precisely because it seems the woman who executed the negress was a ‘family friend’ and is ‘well-known’ to the victim’s mother.

But yes, we’ve heard so much from ‘Black Lives Matter’ on this issue: right?