Negress Kneecaps Niglet in Ohio

Negress Kneecaps Niglet in Ohio

Sometimes I think I’ve seen it all and then I switch on the news, and I am rather quickly reminded of the almost infinite limits of shitskin stupidity. One such example is the case covered by Brie Stimson for ‘Fox News’ in Columbus, Ohio.

She writes how:

‘An Ohio mother of a 5-year-old has been charged with a third-degree felony after she allegedly shot the boy in the knees last Friday while    putting her gun back in her purse, according to several reports.

Trenise Turner, 30, is accused of waving a handgun around and making threats to other adults in her living room while she had been drinking last Friday, WCMH in Columbus reported.

She was putting the gun away when she allegedly fired, hitting her son who was lying next to her on the couch.

The bullet went through both knees, Columbus Police said.’

I mean kudos for making that shot – because that genuinely isn’t easy especially when drunk – but really… who goes around getting drunk and then waving your firearms at people while threatening to shoot them in your own living room and then manages to do a trick shit and give your own crotch spawn potentially life-changing injuries?

That’s right niggers.

They are called obsolete farm equipment for a reason.