Negress tries to ‘Exorcise’ Another Negress in Spain by Gutting and Eating Her

Negress tries to ‘Exorcise’ Another Negress in Spain by Gutting and Eating Her

According to Chris King writing for ‘Euro Weekly News’ a negress has decided to act on typical African beliefs regarding witches and witchcraft in the Spanish city of Sevilla.

He describes how:

‘According to a police statement, the incident occurred at around 6.15am, in an apartment on Calle Virgen de Escardiel, in the Poligona Norte             district of the city, with a patrol responding after neighbours had reported hearing shouting and what sounded like a fight taking place in one of the blocks.

Upon entering the apartment, an officer encountered two women on the floor, one on top of the other, with the latter clearly seriously injured, and all witnessed by the six-year-old daughter of the alleged aggressor.

Accused of being the perpetrator of the attack is a 45-year-old Kenyan woman, while the victim is a 48-year-old woman from the Congo, who were reportedly sharing the apartment, with police sources explaining to that the fight had broken out after one of the women threw a bottle of water containing salt at the other, and exchanged             accusations of witchcraft.

The aggressor allegedly believed that her roommate was possessed,             striking her on the head with a stone, and once they fell on the floor she proceeded to bite off and eat two of the woman’s fingers. After this, the aggressor, in an attempt to rid the other woman of the supposed demon, inserted the stone into her anus to try and extract her guts.

It was the intervention of the National Police officers that was                   undoubtedly key to saving the life of the victim, who was treated at the scene by medics, and subsequently transferred to a hospital in Sevilla, while the aggressor was detained as the alleged perpetrator of attempted murder, before being taken to a hospital, where she was admitted to the psychiatric department.’

This is all probably seems utterly arse about face to many enlightened ‘Conservatives’ and ‘Liberals’ who believe in the ‘magic dirt’ theory of nationhood whereby the holy hordes of wogdom automatically became human beings once they claim ‘asylum’ status or get their residency permit but to those of us less concerned with trying to apply metaphysics to the material world and more with dealing with praxis in regard to the peoples of this planet, it doesn’t come as surprise and in fact was and is a rather predictable response from woke wogdom to the deepening spiritual and demographic crisis that is afflicting Aryan civilization.

The fact that Spain – the country of Cortes, the Reconquista and the Inquisition – can no longer summon the will to subject niggers trying to exorcise each other by inserting stones into their anuses – more evidence if any were needed that niggers are intrinsically incapable of existing in any kind of modern civilization – to an auto-da-fé is a sad fact indeed and a testament to how far we have fallen as a race.

Time was when tens of thousands of Spaniards fought with almost suicidal determination against the forces of Communism as volunteer alongside the German Wehrmacht and hundreds of thousands of men and women from just about every European country in the feared Waffen-SS. Now the Spanish cannot even manage to deal properly with the migrant invasion of their country from North Africa and shitskins trying to make a cannibalistic form of voodoo a national pastime when they once drove the forces of Islam and their jewish allies into the Mediterranean Sea and revelled in cleansing their country of the taint of the non-Aryan.

Spain was once a great country. May it find its national soul once more and do what needs to be done as the great Primo de Rivera would say: ‘One achieves true human dignity only when one serves. Only he is great who subjects himself to taking part in the achievement of a great task.’