New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Guilty of Sexual Harassment

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Guilty of Sexual Harassment

New York’s political class does not have a good record when it comes to keep their cocks in their trousers in any meaningful sense of the term. Anthony Weiner – former House of Representatives Member for New York and estranged jewish husband of Hillary Clinton’s aid Huma Abedin – is a good example of the type.

Therefore when current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was judged by his own Attorney General Letitia James – predictably a ‘strong independent’ nigger – to have ‘sexually harassed multiple women’ (11 in total) it came as no particular surprise. Cuomo allegedly made sexual comments, groped, kissed and ‘forced’ (I am a bit dubious about that precise bit) female staff members to sit on his lap.

The fact that Cuomo’s political support – such as it was – had melted away both on the streets and in the corridors of power is not too surprising, but what is kind of funny is that US President Joe Biden – who is seemingly rather familiar with sexual harassmenthas called for Cuomo to immediately resign.

This coupled with the fact that Joe Biden’s Vice President Kamala Harris is broadly hated by the American public and that Joe Biden himself isn’t in much better favour. All goes to suggest that the US political class – aka the ‘Deep State’ – is utterly corrupt and deeply alienated from the American public and it is an opportunity that National Socialists need to be using to promote real change in the United States.

It is as simple as that.