New Zealand re-imports Islamic State Enthusiasts

New Zealand re-imports Islamic State Enthusiasts

According to the BBC New Zealand – otherwise known as the world’s largest dedicated sheep farm – is to re-import a former female citizen who tried to join Islamic State in 2014 with her two children currently residing in Turkey. This crazy policy is being followed by other countries around the world – most recently Belgium but also Germany, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands among others – with the strongest holdout being the UK and the US as I covered in an article about the controversy surrounding Shamima Begum and her re-branding of herself to get back to the UK rather than Bangladesh.

Why are Aryan countries re-importing shitskin filth (as well as the occasional race traitor) and their crotch spawn?

They chose to leave of their own volition and now want back in because life around their fellow shitskins is not only unpleasant but nigh on unbearable so they want ‘back in’ so-to-speak so they can enjoy the perks of Aryan civilization but while proclaiming their hatred of the Aryan race from the minarets that are continuously springing up on Aryan lands these days.

They aren’t a danger because are women and kids?

Well if they aren’t a danger then why are the US and Germany both warning about the fact that Islamic State appears to be re-emerging and growing in strength again. We also know that female suicide bombers and jihadis are a thing so bringing ‘former’ or wannabe Islamic State members and their children back to Aryan countries, while also draconically persecuting critics of Islam and National Socialists for daring to point out the obvious incompatibility of Islam and massive hordes of shitskins in Western countries is a recipe for disaster where the bill will come due in years to come with a radicalised Aryan vanguard competing with Muslims demanding an ‘Islamic State’ and the imposition of Sharia law on Aryan land.

If she lives to see Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will have to face the tribunal of history and the experience will not be pleasant nor merciful in its judgement.