Niggers Arrested for Vaping in Maryland; Claim Dindu Nuffin

Niggers Arrested for Vaping in Maryland; Claim Dindu Nuffin

According to ‘The Blaze’ a bunch of niggers in Ocean City, Maryland dindu nuffin and are now trying to make themselves out to be the next bunch of Martin Luther Kings or at least Michael Jordans because they were told to stop vaping by police in Ocean City as it violates a local ordinance on the boardwalk – where they were - and one of the jungle bunnies had the bright idea to continue vaping in the police officer’s face causing the knuckle-dragging reprobate to promptly get arrested.

To quote ‘The Blaze’s’ summary of the events:

‘Brian Anderson, 19 years old, from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, told "Good Morning America" Tuesday that he and his friends are "glad" that he "came out alive" and is urging people to take a stand against police brutality.

Anderson, who was visiting Ocean City with four of his friends over the weekend, said that he and his companions were walking along the boardwalk on Saturday night when a public safety officer stopped the group and asked him to refrain from using his vape pen on the boardwalk.

A press release from the Ocean City Police Department stated that officers witnessed Anderson resume vaping after he was asked to stop, violating a local ordinance prohibiting smoking and vaping in certain boardwalk areas. Anderson and his friends, however, claim that he stopped vaping as they continued walking and that the group of officers soon began following the friends down the boardwalk.

"I asked [an officer] what was the problem and they were like, 'Tell your boy to put his pen away,'" Jahtique John Lewis, one of the teens, recalled. "As I turned around, we see public safety and police is crowding us. Next thing I know, Brian is on the floor."

Police said that when they approached the group and asked Anderson to provide ID, he refused and "became disorderly."

At that point, officers said that a large group had massed around the officers as they attempted to detain Anderson for failing to provide ID for the ordinance violation. Officers added that Anderson then "began to resist arrest" and became further combative.’

Basically the stupid nigger didn’t follow a clear police warning that he was violating a local ordinance thinking that his black skin – and maybe even his shaman’s juju – made him immune from both arrest and prosecution, which is an obvious example of ‘Black Supremacism’ but then one also wonders what niggers have to be ‘proud’ of. Given that the most ‘advanced’ genuinely sub-Saharan African civilization – and no you were not the Egyptians - was the Kingdom of Benin that was at its height in the 14th century and even that was no actual match for a European power had they actually gone toe-to-toe (which they never did). Closely followed by the brave and disciplined but technologically and tactically retarded Zulu, who won the famous Battle of Isandlwana because the British rifles to jam in a previously unknown design defect caused by overuse and the African heat not because they were black or better soldiers.

So, when the hooting ape was brought down by the police – without any injury apart from to his overinflated pride mind you – the ‘Black Lives Matter’ freakshow – who never explain why ‘Black Lives’ actually matter but just automatically assume they matter more than everyone else’s – jumped on the bandwagon and began twerking, shucking and jiving over so-called ‘police brutality’. When if you bother to watch the video – yes, I know niggers and modern technology – you will see that Ocean City PD were actually rather restrained about it.

I mean they didn’t go and simply shoot the disobedient darkie for violating a minor local ordinance or anything, but they did bring him down when he not only deliberately disobeyed a direct warning moments after it was given and then the coon clan gathered around to hoot and holler about racyiss and how laws don’t apply to niggers anymore.

Sorry sambo but they still do.