Niggers Beat Chink Sodomite and the Media Blames ‘Racist White People’

Niggers Beat Chink Sodomite and the Media Blames ‘Racist White People’

Ryan General writing for ‘NextShark’ has illustrated the interesting case of the chink sodomite Joshua Dowd who was apparently assaulted and left for dead in the Buckhead district of Atlanta, Georgia.

He writes how:

‘Police were alerted to the 2100 block of Piedmont Road where someone saw Joshua Dowd, 28, alone and barely breathing as he laid on the train tracks with his head bleeding, reported CBS46.

Dowd was brought to Grady Hospital for treatment, according to Colin Kelly, the victim’s partner of over three years.

Dowd reportedly went out with friends to Midtown Atlanta but separated from the group later on. A surveillance video shows him entering and leaving The Heretic in Buckhead.

Kelly said he doesn’t know how his partner ended up at the scene where he was found. “We don’t have a lot of information to go on,” he shared.

Under investigation: While the local authorities have labeled the case “miscellaneous/noncrime,” Dowd’s case remains under investigation. No information about a suspect or motive has been released, as of this               writing.

In an interview with WSBTV, Kelly said it can't be a robbery as Dowd "still had his phone and debit card on him.”

Loved ones and family members cite Dowd’s race and sexual orientation as possible reasons for an attack as he identified as a gay Asian American.

“There were times based on where he was going to go, he would change his appearance so he wouldn’t be at risk of getting attacked,” Kelly said.’

Notice here how there is absolutely no evidence that this attack had anything to do with Dowd being a chink or a sodomite but yet we are automatically supposed to believe that because he had his debit card and phone on him that this couldn’t have been a robbery gone wrong or something else more unlikely (like an accident where Dowd got sideswiped by a train or something hence the fact he was found with head injuries on train tracks).

The claim that this was a ‘homophobic racist hate crime’ is made by the gook sodomite’s filthy white degenerate of a ‘boyfriend’ named Colin Kelly, while the police don’t seem to think it was anything of the kind.

‘NextShark’ however immediately quotes Kelly’s completely fabricated claims as if they had some kind of necessary truth in them and that the police should automatically be hunting ‘racist homophobes’ rather than keeping an open mind and being guided by the evidence not by histrionic shrieking from heebs and homos.

The implication is obvious enough in that ‘racist homophobes’ cannot possibly be niggers – although niggers are a good chunk of Atlanta’s population these days as well as easily its most violent denizens – but rather are the ‘racist homophobic white people’ living in Atlanta (because all white people must be Nazis) and the ‘racist homophobic Nazis’ (aka white people) must be ‘dealt with’ for Atlanta (and America more generally) to have interracial peace and harmony.

When are you going to get it?

They hate you because you are white (and especially so if you are Aryan) and they don’t care how many ‘black friends’ you’ve got or whether you allowed your daughter to mate with a nigger. It is enough that you are white and alive for them to hate your very existence and to seek to erase it in every way, shape and form.