Niggers Steal BLM-Supporting Paki’s Curry Van in Minneapolis

Niggers Steal BLM-Supporting Paki’s Curry Van in Minneapolis

Karma is a bitch, and it is has served a beautifully made mango chutney of a piece of payback on a Paki who supported ‘Black Lives Matter’ when they attacked Minneapolis PD and white people in general across the country when George Floyd’s fentanyl-addled body failed while he was detained by Derek Chauvin among other police officers.

Danielle Wallace writing for ‘Fox News’ has detailed how the universe re-established natural order on the karmic chaos on the shitskin involved. She writes how:

‘A business owner in Minneapolis, who set up shop across town a year after his first Indian restaurant was burned down last summer during riots after George Floyd's death, says his van full of supplies for his new establishment was stolen.

Ruhel Islam, an immigrant who grew up under a Bangladeshi                   dictatorship, said someone took the stolen van to his new restaurant, Curry In A Hurry, from in front of his home then used the keys left inside the truck to enter the building Monday, taking $500 from the register, Fox 9 Minneapolis reported.

His first restaurant, called Gandhi Mahal, was located just blocks away from the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct, which was also burned down by rioters last summer. The restaurant caught fire during the demonstrations. Islam and his daughter, Hafsa Islam, went viral on Facebook, writing in a post at the time, "Let my building burn. Justice needs to be served."

The building that once housed Gandhi Mahal on East Lake Street has since been demolished and a community garden has been erected in its place. Islam later opened Curry In A Hurry less than two miles away, which is open for takeout, delivery, catering and outdoor seating over the summer.

Islam said his catering truck was filled with newly purchased catering supplies, kitchen gear, and private business account paperwork when it was stolen from outside his home in the Morris Park/Nokomis area             Saturday afternoon.

Curry In A Hurry said in a post to its Facebook page that the stolen van was last spotted by a good Samaritan driving at Lake Street and 38th Avenue around 10:15 p.m. Tuesday. The van’s log was painted over with black squares. No suspects have been apprehended.

Islam said he would not press charges if his van was returned.

"If you need food, I’ll give you food all your life - you’ll have it. Need a job to rent a house, I’ll give you a job," Islam said. "Come work with us and solve the problem. This is what we have to do."’

The fatal flaw in Islam’s thinking – and yes, he is a Paki since Bangladesh started out life after Partition as East Pakistan – is that he thinks niggers – who are almost certainly the ones who stole his curry truck – want to work at a job for money and won’t instead take the much easier and less demanding route of stealing the food truck (potential food plus money) and also taking all the money from his business because Islam was stupid enough to leave keys in his truck in a city infested with niggers.

In other words: it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving Paki.

Well done niggers.