Niglet Gang Member killed in NYC’s Renewed Gang War

Niglet Gang Member killed in NYC’s Renewed Gang War

According to Georgett Roberts and Kate Sheehy writing in the ‘New York Post’ a 13-year-old niglet and member of the infamous Crips gang named Jaryan Elliot has been shot to death in the Bronx.

In the age of ‘Black Lives Matter’ they have to find something nice to say about the vicious little criminal and the angle they’ve gone for is typical of more ‘conservative’ publications and they stress how he ‘wanted to get out’ of the Crips and how he was ‘aspiring to change’ which is a form of conservative success porn that they share with the woke left: failed success porn (aka ‘if only they…’).

Roberts and Sheehy (yes, I almost wrote Sheeny as they may as well be) write that:

‘The 13-year-old gangbanger who was shot dead amid a raging Bronx street war wanted to leave the Crips in the days before he was killed, grief-stricken pals told The Post on Tuesday.

“Two weeks ago we was with him, and he was telling us how he was tired of this gang stuff. He wanted to get some money and get out of the ’hood,” said a 16-year-old female friend of Jaryan Elliot, the Crips member who was fatally shot Sunday in revenge for a gang slaying four days earlier.’

The problem here of course is that there is no actual evidence other an ex post facto hearsay that Jaryan wanted to really get out of the Crips but rather he wanted to ‘get some money’ (note not ‘save’ but ‘get’ aka ‘steal’) and ‘leave the ghetto’ (aka ‘be a rap star’) not ‘leave the gang’ or stop being so much of a typical nigger.

Yet they want to believe that ‘if only…’ Jaryan had not been killed he would have become a successful top lawyer or scientist when the reality is that he almost certainly would have spent his life in the ghetto, working with and for the Crips and ended up as another failed rap star with a bunch of baby mommas on welfare while pretending he was a hard ass because he can hold a pistol sideways and flash his cashed welfare check.