Niglet Who ‘Wanted to be a Lawyer’ Stabbed to Death in the UK

Niglet Who ‘Wanted to be a Lawyer’ Stabbed to Death in the UK

Another day, another nigger death.

This time it is in London - the capital of Great Britain – where one 15-year-old niglet has randomly stabbed another 15-year-old niglet (although not without getting stabbed back) – named Tamim Ian in the suburb of Woolwich.

After Tamim was stabbed and was bleeding out on the sidewalk; a bunch of roaming nearby nogs (who were bystanders and not involved in the slightest) got out of their phones to film their fellow black bleed to death rather than helping him or according him a little bit of decency.

Predictably there are reported to be ‘fresh voices’ in ‘the community’ (aka the mainstream media putting words in people’s mouths) – in addition to the nigger-loving mainstream media - screeching about ‘knife crime’.

The problem with this histrionic shrieking is simple: what are the police actually going to do about it?

Ban knives?

What would people cut up their food with? Forks and spoons? Will the mainstream media want to ban forks too because you can kill someone with a fork with as well as with a knife although with a spoon might – as Alan Rickman says so well in ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’ – you might be able to cut someone’s heart out.

All humour aside Tammin is already being claimed as a future high flying legal eagle by his mother who is proclaiming that he ‘wanted to be a lawyer’, but then I suppose that makes a change from ‘he was a talented and upcoming rap star just getting his life together’: doesn’t it?

If the pajeet and kike dominated ‘British’ government actually wanted to do something to deal with the ‘knife crime’ epidemic on London’s streets, then they’d deport all the coons in the country and then all of a sudden there would no ‘knife crime epidemic’.

Deal with the cause not the consequence and you get results, but that’s ‘racist’: isn’t it?