Pajeet Pours Bleach Over Mother in the UK

Pajeet Pours Bleach Over Mother in the UK

According to Paul Beard and Nick Smith writing in the ‘Coventry Telegraph’ a pajeet immigrant to the UK – you know one of who has been touted by the left and liberals as the ‘future of the UK’– has been behaving like a textbook psychopath.

They write about how:

‘The sick behaviour of a Coventry man who poured bleach over his mother has been exposed in court.

Aadil Choudhury poured the bleach over her as she tried to clean up after he urinated on her carpet.

But he wasn't finished - and turned all the gas taps on as she dealt with the pain of the attack.

Details of the shocking incident were laid out blow by blow to the hearing at Warwick Crown Court by prosecutor Dean Easthope.

He said that on Sunday, September 27 last year the police went to St George’s Road, where he was living with his mother Husnahar             Choudhury, to arrest him for another matter.

He was released the next day and returned to the address. But that               evening he became angry when his mother asked him why he had been arrested.

She went to bed, and was woken the following morning by Choudhury demanding her phone - and blaming her for him losing his device, which had been taken by the police.

Mrs Choudhury refused to hand it over, and when she went downstairs to try to get away, she saw he had urinated on the stair carpet.

“She began using bleach to clean it up," he said. "He snatched it from her and poured it over her.

“She feared this and ducked her head, and it ran down her back, causing a burning feeling."

Mrs Choudhury went for a shower to wash the bleach off her skin, and could then smell gas – and when she went downstairs she saw he had turned all the gas taps on without lighting them.

She turned the gas off and opened the window, and he then asked her for £40 in return for her phone.

Unbelievably, he then went with her to a cash machine to get the money.

When they got back to the house, Choudhury slapped his mother to the face, kneed her to the thigh and threatened to burn the house down.

It didn't even stop there.

He then grabbed her round the throat, blaming her for his arrest, before taking a knife from the kitchen and hitting her with the flat side of it.

That evening, Choudhury told his mother to call her brother, and after she had done so he took her phone and dropped it down the toilet.

She managed to retrieve it and called him again to ask him to collect her, and fled through the back door using a key she had hidden.

When Choudhury was arrested he made no comment, but in a statement he denied assaulting his mother, claiming the allegations were fabricated.’

This isn’t the first time Choudhury has gotten in trouble with the police either, but it has to make you wonder what will the UK look like in fifty, twenty or even ten years time at this rate.

Will it just be what it appears to the mini-Brazil that it is apparently charging forward to become or will something change and will the British finally learn that the ‘magic dirt’ theory of the British Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties is not only a myth but a genocidal one at that.

The existential question at stake for the British today is not whether Britain should be Anglican, Catholic or Presbyterian as in former but rather will Britain continue to be the country of Wulf the Saxon or will it become the country of Apu from the Simpsons.

The British have to choose and what they do will decide whether the British will rise again like a phoenix from the ashes or die with a pathetic whimper to the polite clapping of the illiterati.