Pajeet Rapist Sentenced to 12 Years in the UK

Pajeet Rapist Sentenced to 12 Years in the UK

Jemma Carr writing for the ‘Daily Mail’ describes a dot-headed psychopath named Thomas Mangar raped a woman in her 20s in a park in the borough of Hayes in West London in the UK.

She writes how:

‘A rapist who took a 'thumbs up' selfie with his unconscious victim after raping her in a park has been jailed for 12 years.

Thomas Mangar, 36, took the sickening photo on his mobile phone while the woman - who is in her 20s - lay naked and unconscious in Hitherbroom Park in Hayes, west London.

The victim remembered heading home on May 11 last year after a night out with friends.

But she suffered a loss of memory until 2.45pm the next day - when she woke up to find Mangar, from Hillingdon, London, raping her.

She desperately tried to fight Mangar off by pushing and hitting him, a jury at Isleworth Crown Court heard.

During the ordeal, Mangar 'exposed her breasts and touched her' while the woman lay unconscious. He photographed this and sent the pictures to his cousin.

Mangar - who has a degree in history of sociology and two children with an ex-wife - denied but was convicted by a jury of rape and sexual assault.

He was sentenced to 12 years with an extended licence period of four years.

Before Mangar had lured her into the park the woman had been suffering from heart palpitations and struggling to breath.

She had sought assistance at a nearby GP surgery but was refused help because 'she wasn't registered'.

Judge Hannah Duncan told Mangar: 'You exposed her breasts and touched her as she was unconscious and you photographed this.

'This spanned the period of about 90 minutes. This lead to final act which was to rape her.

'You sent those pictures in the park to someone you say was your cousin.

'You are seen in these photographs or at least one of them, smiling into the camera with your thumb up. It's a despicable piece of bragging.

'You then pulled her trousers down and raped her as she was unconscious.

'One can only image how she must have felt when she regained consiousness and realised a complete stranger [is] on top her and raping her.

'She didn't know who you were, where she was and how you got on top of her.’

Now isn’t that cute?

Mangar has that classic moron’s degree of ‘Sociology’ – which was a ‘Gender Studies’/’Women Studies’ before they were acceptable degrees – and is divorced from a presumably pajeet wife (arranged marriage?) with whom he has two crotch spawn.

What does Mangar do when is out having a leisurely stroll through the pleasingly named Hitherbroom Park on 12th May 2020?

He sees a woman – of unknown race but given the area she will be either white or pajeet (my guess is white) - who is out like a light on the grass and rather than seeing if she is alright and needs some help. The horny little pajeet decides to rape her in public instead after taking a selfie with her unconscious on the grass and sending it to his equally vile cousin (remember the Paki rape gangs of Rotherham, Oxford and Shrewsbury of recent years?).

Mangar was only caught because the woman woke up with him trying to fit his limp micro-penis inside her and her screams attracted a thankfully close passer-by.

Now let us be honest Mangar and his street-shitting cousin are not the only ones at fault here. The woman despite being cast as the wholly innocent victim by Carr does have a part to play here, because while her reported symptoms are suggestive of her drink being spiked with a date rape drug. She is also the one going out partying on a Monday night and also the one who didn’t bother to call an ambulance for herself (or ask someone else to) or get a taxi to the nearest Accident and Emergency department instead opting to trying and barge her way into a random GP’s surgery who apparently didn’t do what they were supposed to do in this situation (i.e., render assistance) which suggests either they were very poorly trained GPs/staff, or the woman concerned is telling porkies.

To me the likelihood is that this woman in her 20s went on the town slutting-it-up so-to-speak got her drink spiked (which is utterly reprehensible) and then managed to get to Hitherbroom Park and then collapsed there to sleep off the alcoholic fugue and the date rape drug’s effects and woke up to being raped by an opportunistic randy pajeet psychopath.

In a National Socialist society neither of these two things would occur because girls wouldn’t be going out slutting-it-up and putting themselves in a position to be exploited by men and there also wouldn’t be randy pajeet psychopaths wandering in British parks as they would have all been deported back to the Indian subcontinent.