Pajeet Sodomite Beaten to Death in London

Pajeet Sodomite Beaten to Death in London

According to Rachael Burford writing in ‘The Evening Standard’; a prolific sodomite by the name of Ranjith Kakanamalage – as Al Murray might say ‘a beautiful British name’ - has been beaten to death in a park in the almost entirely shitskin ghetto of Tower Hamlets in London, UK.

She writes how:

‘A man who was murdered in a suspected homophobic attack in east London has been named.

Ranjith Kakanamalage, known as Roy, was found dead in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park at 6.30am on Monday, August 16.

The 50-year-old had severe head injuries and a post-mortem confirmed they were caused by blunt force trauma, police said.

His death is being treated as a homophobic hate crime. A 36-year-old man who was arrested in connection with the investigation has been released on bail.’

Now notice how they immediately jump to the conclusion that Kakanamalage was subject to a ‘homophobic attack’ – although they don’t say why or on what they base this breezy assertion on – but yet fail to point out the obvious: what was Kakanamalage doing in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park late at night/in the early hours of the morning which enabled him to be – in effect – ‘murdered because he was a faggot’?

The answer is obvious enough.

Kakanamalage had either arranged to meet some other sodomite for ‘outdoor fun’ (aka dogging) or he was ‘cruising’ – as the sodomites call it – for random sodomite hook ups late at night in a park. In other words, he was a degenerate piece of shitskin filth but also a certifiable moron.

I mean you are in the middle of a crime-ridden, gang-infested shitskin-run borough of London and what do you do?

Go to a secluded place and start approaching random men for sex.

What did Kakanamalage think was going to happen?

The local gangs were going to gangbang him or something?

No: they did what most sane beings would do when approached by an aging sodomite at night looking for sex.

They felt utter disgust and beat him up for both being a moron and also a disgusting degenerate pushing his ‘sexuality’ on others.

Neither sodomites nor shitskins would be in Britain if it was run on National Socialist principles and parks would become safe places at night since the police would be freed from their legalistic restraints to remove all problematic individuals and groups from society for the protection of the many from the few.