Pajeet Subway Franchise Boss Steals $38 Million from his Workers

Pajeet Subway Franchise Boss Steals $38 Million from his Workers

In a detailed bit of investigative journalism for the ‘New York Post’ Josh Kosman has exposed how a greedy pajeet capitalist by the name of Chirayu Patel – a major franchisee for the ‘Subway’ fast food chain – has been predictably fucking over his workers at a time when wages are down, and household budgets are tighter than ever for families all across America.

Kosman writes how:

‘The embattled fast-food giant continues to back a top regional manager who recently settled a lawsuit that alleged he underpaid nearly 3,000 workers by $38 million, miffed franchisees complained to The Post.

The suit claims that Chirayu Patel, who’s also a franchisee, stiffed workers out of overtime pay, didn’t pay them for all of the hours they worked and didn’t allow them meal or rest periods.

That same manager — who oversees more than a thousand Subway             locations in California — already had been exposed in 2019 for                                   underhanded practices that led some franchisees to lose their businesses. Subway stood by him then, too.’

So basically, Patel already got into trouble way back in 2019 – you know time before Kung Flu – when he was exposed for unspecified ‘underhanded practices’ (we are later told what these are) but for similar (if not the same) offences franchisees had had their licenses ripped from them by Subway Corporate (and rightly so). The question here is why Patel was not similarly treated, but Kosman goes some way to answering this corporate conundrum when he notes that:

‘It’s estimated Patel owns around 15 Subway restaurants in Northern California, according to a source familiar with the matter. Even with those holdings, Patel claimed he couldn’t afford to pay the workers any more than the settlement that was reached July 30: It amounted to $188 per worker, or $550,000, according to court filings.’

Kosman continues by describing what ‘underhanded practices’ Patel got into trouble for in 2019:

‘It’s not the first time Patel has been accused of bad behavior at Subway: Along with his franchises, he’s also the Subway “development agent” for much of Northern California. It was in that role that he was exposed in a 2019 New York Times story for another questionable practice.

As a development agent, Patel oversees about 1,000 Subway restaurants, for which he gets a percentage of sales. Headquarters uses these agents to sell franchises in a given territory and to oversee compliance with               corporate standards.

In 2019, Patel allegedly sent his own inspectors to certain restaurants that were competing with him — or that he wanted to buy — to find problems so he could force them out of business. Violations allegedly included minor infractions like finding handprints on glass doors or cucumber slices that were a bit too thick.’

So basically, Patel was engaging in a variant of the classic form of ‘predatory pricing’ by maliciously utilizing his power as a ‘Development Agent’ for Northern California to force rival franchisees out of business or to sell up (presumably cheap) to him in order to create a local franchise monopoly and thus in turn increase his power and influence with Subway Corporate.

This is clear when Kosman describes why Subway Corporate aren’t doing anything about it:

‘Yet, Patel, more than two years later, still manages the territory, along with owning his own restaurants, sources said. Patel, when he owned 70 stores, was likely paying Subway $1.5 million to $2 million a year in royalty payments, the source familiar with the situation said.’

In essence Patel gives Subway a big old royalty check every year and Subway – who have suffered a 25 percent drop in sales from 2015 and closed over 1,000 locations in 2019 alone when Patel was initially caught in his shenanigans – are desperate to keep that going to they look the other way concerning Patel’s obviously unethical behaviour.

This goes to show two basic things:

1) Corporations don’t really give a shit what you do as long as you keep making them plenty of money especially if the market is tough just then.

That this is how corporate types and jews get away with politically based posturing because while they have a drop in sales. They can then blame it on thieving little curry botherers like Patel and spin their failure into success so they can continue pushing the anti-Aryan narrative and any ‘improvement’ to the sales figures for unrelated reasons is claimed as a sign of how ‘important’ it is to ‘reach new customers’ and promote the woke anti-Aryan narrative.