Pajeets Sentenced for Slavery in Australia

Pajeets Sentenced for Slavery in Australia

Matthew Loh writing for ‘Fox News’ has described an illustrative case of why importing Apu from the Simpsons is just a really bad idea.

He writes how:

‘A husband and wife in Melbourne who enslaved and abused a vulnerable, malnourished Tamil grandmother for eight years have been sentenced to prison, reported Australian media.

Kumuthini Kannan and her husband Kandasamy were found guilty in April of intentionally possessing the woman as a slave from 2007 to 2015, forcing her to cook and clean for them while paying her around $2 a day.

Victoria's Supreme Court Justice John Champion sentenced the couple on Wednesday, reported PerthNow. He ordered that Kumuthini spend eight years behind bars while giving a six-year jail term to Kandasamy.

Local media reported that the unnamed victim was a 66-year-old woman who was found malnourished at the couple's house in 2015. She weighed just over 88 pounds at the time and had untreated diabetes and sepsis.

She told the court the couple beat her multiple times and poured hot water on her.

"She will take a frozen chicken and hit my head," the woman said during testimony, according to News 9."If I go and sleep, then she will come and pour hot water on me."

The grandmother had four children but was widowed at a young age, spending much of her life in poverty and menial labor in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. She lived with the Kannans for six months at a time in 2002 and 2004, before returning to Australia in 2007 on a one-month short-term visa to live with them once more.

She thought she was going to Melbourne to care for the couple's three children but was instead subjected to slavery in the Kannans' home,             reported 9News.

Justice Champion said on Wednesday that the Kannans had not shown any sense of remorse for their actions, and displayed a "fairly remarkable absence of humanity," according to PerthNow.’

The behaviour of the Kannans has been described elsewhere in typical journalistic hyperbole as a ‘crime against humanity’ but the reality of the situation is that this sort of behavior is still a common practice in India as it is in Africa and Asia. It almost seems like the only people who do not practice slavery are the Aryan nations of Europe, North America and Oceania.

Strange that: isn’t it?

It almost seems like in this god-awful world that we were born into; it is only through Aryans who actually have a sense of general - if sentimental - morality and actually practice what they preach.

This is both why Aryan lands are swarmed with invading shitskin economic migrants… sorry ‘refugees’… and also why the states in Aryan lands are now falling apart because when a shitskin begins squatting on Aryan land they don’t magically become an Aryan but remain a shitskin. Hence the more shitskins pour into Aryan lands the more Aryan lands look like shitskin shitholes and you get the re-introduction of slavery, corruption, rape gangs and the like.

Cause and effect my friends.

Cause and effect.