“The people don’t seem very friendly”

“The people don’t seem very friendly”

A short one about the recent article in the Guardian, that because of its insensitive depictions of angry looking Muslims a book from the Popular Biff, Chip, and Kipper series of children’s books has been consigned to the dumpster of all things no longer appropriate.

The book in question called “The Blue Eye” tells the story of how after finding a blue marble the children are transported to another country where they find themselves in a market surrounded by veiled women and angry-looking middle eastern men.

Not surprisingly they are somewhat concerned, as they correctly identify that “The people don’t seem very friendly”. It is this “Islamophobic” depiction of our multicultural friends the Muslims, that has caused the books publishers, Oxford University Press to withdraw this version from sale and pulp the rest.

Now after reading the article, I wondered how Biff and Chip would get on in Whitechapel, London today. Would they feel the same after they exited the tube station into the heaving mass of our multicultural brothers and sisters? Would they feel safe among hordes of angry-looking men, with their veiled women shuffling behind them as the call to prayer echoes out from the East London Mosque?

Would they feel safe knowing the integration of Muslim culture into the fabric of London has failed? This is an area where at one point people were attacked for not complying with “Sharia Law” and Anjem Choudary preached to many young Muslim men who went onto show just how their brand of diversity works by stabbing and blowing up the very people who welcomed these angry looking people with open arms?