Pope Francis at Auschwitz or Why You Should Never Ever Apologise to Jews

Pope Francis at Auschwitz or Why You Should Never Ever Apologise to Jews

The visit of the current Roman Catholic pontiff to the alleged death camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau was greeted by the international media with fervent acclaim.

Media outlets that happily pour scorn on the papacy for ‘harbouring child molesters’ and being ‘out of step with the modern world’ such as the 'Guardian' (1) and the 'New York Times'. (2) Suddenly decided that Pope Francis and the Roman Catholic Church were their new best friends. (3)

Pope Francis did everything.

He endorsed the ‘Holocaust’, he spoke of the alleged ‘cruelty’ that occurred at Auschwitz and even claimed to feel the souls of those who perished there at the hands of the wonder-working and eternally perfidious Germans.

As the site ‘Catholic New World’ described it:

‘His silence allowed the Jewish victims murdered in Auschwitz and Europe to speak for themselves. In so doing, Francis established Holocaust               remembrance as an indispensable component of Catholic religious               consciousness.’ (4)

The ink was barely dry on the panegyrics to his papacy before Francis was assailed from all sides by an array of jewish demands.

Gerald Posner - who is himself jewish - (5) wrote an Op-Ed for the ‘New York Times’ in which he demanded that Francis release the Vatican’s sealed archives from the era. (6)

I quote the 'Jewish Voice of New York’s' summary of Posner’s argument:

‘While it is common knowledge that there has been a perennial shroud of mystery surrounding the church’s wartime records, Posner noted that “the Vatican is the only country in Europe that refuses to open all of its World War II archives to independent historians and researchers.”

Because the church’s files are thought to contain important information about the Holocaust in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe it is of no surprise that historians are eager to study the Vatican’s Holocaust-era papers. During the war, thousands of parish priests communicated details of the atrocities that they witnessed to their bishops, who then passed the               information on to the secretary of state at the Holy See in Rome, according to Posner’s meticulous research.’ (7)

It seems like Posner just wants to look at the evidence because it contains ‘important information’ about the ‘Holocaust’. The problem with that statement - as anyone who is familiar with the field of ‘Holocaust and Genocide Studies’ well knows - is that it is frequently claimed that the ‘Holocaust’ is the ‘best documented’ event in history.

So why would individuals like Posner need access to the Vatican’s archives?

Purely for academic interest?


Posner and his ilk want access to the Vatican’s archives for two simple reasons:

A) The key evidence used to argue the ‘Holocaust’ happened hasn’t changed in seventy years. There are no direct pieces of evidence, only mutually contradictory claims from ‘Holocaust survivors’ and one or two dubious bits of mutually contradictory testimony from former staff members from supposed ‘death camps’.

B) The Vatican archives contain the key information concerning John Cornwall’s thesis that Pope Pius XII was supportive of Adolf Hitler (aka the ‘Hitler’s Pope’ controversy) as well as John Loftus and Mark Aarons’ claims in ‘The Secret War Against the Jews’ and ‘Ratlines’ that the Vatican was an important supporter of the Third Reich.

The second of these two reasons is what Posner and his fellow jews are looking for, because they want to ‘prove’ that the Catholic Church was in some way ‘culpable’ for the ‘Holocaust’. Therefore, opening the way to the Vatican being sued by an assortment of jewish organizations demanding billions upon billions of dollars in ‘reparations’ for ‘not doing enough’ to ‘save the jews’ during the so-called ‘Holocaust’.

We can see this when Posner follows up his earlier remarks with the comment:

‘The files could also indicate whether Pius XII could have done more in trying to stop the Nazi killing machine during the Holocaust.’ (8)

So, in effect jews like Posner are demanding that the Roman Catholic Church release its files so they can find a way to sue them for billions upon billions of dollars in ‘Holocaust reparations’.

Over at the Israeli daily newspaper ‘Haaretz’ one Ofer Aderet demanded that the Pope condemn Poland’s democratically-elected government for allegedly ‘re-writing history’ and paying insufficient lip service to the one eternal indivisible narrative of jewish suffering. (9)

In addition, Aderet demanded that the Pope not honour Maximilian Kolbe executed by the Germans for aiding and abetting jews as well as Polish resistance fighters.


Well because Kolbe allegedly believed in the authenticity of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and that makes him an ‘evil anti-Semite’ who deserves nothing but to be blotted out from history according to Aderet. (10)

If that wasn’t enough in a separate article that was also published by ‘Haaretz’ one Avi Weiss used the opportunity to rather offensively demand that Francis move the Roman Catholic Church that is at Auschwitz II.

To quote Weiss:

‘It’s up to people of moral conscience to raise a voice for the sake of               Holocaust memory and declare loud and clear: A church has no place at Auschwitz II.’ (11)

One wonders how it is part of one’s ‘moral conscience’ to claim that only people of one faith that died in a location where those of many different faiths undoubtedly also perished should be allowed their religious services but not the others.

Weiss is in effect denying that anyone other than jews suffered and died at Auschwitz, which is not only absurd but quite frankly offensive.

What gives rise to this kind of ethnocentric narcissism is a near universal particularism that places the jewish people at the centre of all things as either innovator, benefactor and/or victim. This necessarily always casts non-jews in the role of villain or perpetrator, which then means that you have to view jews as the eternal victims of non-jewish aggression.

One of the most consistently cast of these non-jewish villains is the Roman Catholic Church, which is regarded – most famously by jewish historians like Leon Poliakov, Max Dimont and Daniel Goldhagen – as being responsible for irrationally persecuting, robbing and murdering jews over two millennia.

As such then if we take this to be the viewpoint that informs jewish comment on Pope Francis’ visit to Auschwitz. It means that when Francis apologized and sympathized with them about what allegedly happened at Auschwitz. It actually enraged them more, because they feel that as a non-jew and moreover as a representative of an institution that they regard as responsible for much of their historic suffering: he has to suffer in return.

They are motivated by strong feelings of, and a great desire to extract, revenge against their perceived former persecutor. So when Francis gives them an inch; jewish individuals and organizations immediately sense an opportunity and make a series of outrageous demands that are designed not only for their immediate benefit but to humiliate their perceived enemy.

All this being said this situation is by no means limited to the Roman Catholic Church since jews have long regarded and written about how non-jews in general - and Europeans more specifically - have been their persecutors. Therefore it doesn’t matter if it is the Roman Catholic Church who is apologizing to them or not.

If you are non-jew apologizing to a jew then prepare yourself, because you will be the subject of outrageous and shrill demands from them for your various alleged ‘sins’.

You will always be held responsible for things you yourself have never done.

So don’t apologise to jews… ever.


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