Prominent Cuckservative Admits that the ‘Nazis were Right’

Prominent Cuckservative Admits that the ‘Nazis were Right’

Nick di Paolo – a prominent Cuckservative YouTuber with 133k subscribers and guests like Donald Trump Jr. – admitted live on air that the ‘Nazis were right’ about the niggers and what was going to happen thirty years… yes you heard that right… thirty years before it actually happened. Di Paolo was talking about how his friend - a thirty-two-year veteran of the Miami police department – used to go ‘infiltrate’ (he means ‘attend’) ‘White Supremacist meetings’ (just say Nazis dammit) and ‘they predicted this would happen’ and were ‘prescient’.

Stripping away the politically correct linguistic garbage; Di Paolo is stating that the Nazis were right, niggers are sub-humans who have gone near-completely feral and that ‘American Conservatives’ – whatever the fuck those are at this point – have been wrong for over thirty years.

And you know what Nick; we on the Nazi side – which is of course the right side – are happy that you’ve finally woken up and smelled the coffee, because at least you’ve had the balls to admit it.

Compare that to ‘The American Conservative’s’ senior editor Rod Dreher who - in his article ‘Fleeing the Collapsing Imperium’ – has been talking about how ‘American Conservatives’ are demonstrating that they are the pathetic lily-livered self-interested little shits we always though they were and are trying to run away to the Visegrad bloc in Central Europe.

That is assuming that the countries of the Visegrad bloc want anything to do with a bunch of waddling useless former MAGApedes that would tax their health systems to keep alive let alone take proper care of.

But regardless they can fuck off to go live in Hungary and cry about how ‘they lost because they were too principled’ into their cold goulash, while we Nazis get on dealing with the real issues.

Dreher and the ‘conservatives’ he quotes – no doubt extremely ‘principled’ – can see the writing on the wall for their egalitarian capitalist state and have resorted to fleeing the cities for rurality or central Europe. In this they are simply admitting that the Nazis – who came up with ideas like the North-West Imperative before most of these fat fuckers had even stopped snorting cocaine at college – were right all along, because unlike the mentally handicapped retards of ‘Conservatism Inc’.

We understand that biology is destiny and thus race not only fucking matters but is the basis of human culture and society.

While ‘principled’ ‘Conservatives’ were allowing Jamal from the Projects to fuck their trust fund baby of a daughter and claiming it was okay because he was a ‘good Christian boy’ who clearly has the ‘right intentions’ (until he got her pregnant and disappeared overnight).

Nazis like us were warning Americans that sooner or later we would be in a situation like we are now with feral hordes of crazed sub-human filth poised to charge the gates of the Winter Palace. If people had listened to us and not the self-interested swansong of intellectual and physical cowards like Dreher. Then quite frankly we wouldn’t be in this mess and instead of current chaos; there would be a glorious future of achievement, advanced technology and altruism.

This is the future that you chose White man and we still love you as a brother and sister.

Come join us and help make America Aryan Again!