Protest Swastika triggers Jews in New Jersey

Protest Swastika triggers Jews in New Jersey

To be honest if I didn’t know what jews both really believe about non-jews and also what they were doing specifically to our race. I would find them endlessly amusing precisely because they are the most pointlessly litigious histrionically puritanical people with not only a Messiah complex but also the fundamentally ingrained belief that nothing is their fault that has ever – and probably will ever – exist on planet Earth.

Take the following recent example of fucked up histrionics from both ‘’ – not known for their sense of humour – and ‘United with Israel’ getting their panties not only in a twist but utterly soiled in excitement over the fact that a pool and hookah shop in New Jersey called ‘Clifton Hookah’ put up a banner attacking Benjamin Netanyahu which used both – gosh horror – a swastika (correctly portrayed I might add) and added a ‘Hitler moustache’ onto Netanyahu’s face.

Not only that but the insolent goyim refused to take it down quickly enough when the self-Chosen people demanded they do so.

The utterly insolence!

To quote ‘United with Israel’:

‘A hookah shop in New Jersey recently posted a large anti-Israel sign outside its front door featuring a giant swastika and a photo portraying former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the genocidal monster Adolf Hitler-styled mustache. posted a video on Twitter of an employee named Liz Mart brazenly telling the camera the sign would not be removed.

The shop eventually removed the sign, which it raised amid a rash of horrific anti-Semitic violence throughout the U.S., with many incidents perpetrated by pro-Palestinian “protesters.”’

The evil Nazis!