R. Kelly Exposed as a Sodomite

R. Kelly Exposed as a Sodomite

Robert Kelly – better known as R. Kelly – is famous for being a singing nigger as well as his paedophilic sexual inclinations. In the most recent updates to this saga for which he has subsequently been convicted, it has been revealed that he is actually a keen sodomite as well as an abusive serial rapist.

We learn from the BBC how at his most recent trial:

‘On Monday, the jury heard from two accusers, both of whom said they were underage when they met Mr Kelly.

Louis said he first encountered Mr Kelly in 2006, when he was a               17-year-old working the night shift at a McDonald's in Chicago.

He told the court that Mr Kelly slipped him his phone number, and invited him to his house, saying he could perform in his recording studio and receive some tips on the music business.

One on such occasion, the star asked Louis if he had ever "had any               fantasies" involving men, then allegedly "crawled down on his knees and proceeded to give me oral sex".

Afterwards, "he told me to keep between him and me", adding, "we family now, we brothers", Louis alleged.

He said Mr Kelly asked him to call him "daddy" - echoing the testimony of several female accusers - and would routinely film their sexual                 encounters.’

So, in other words Kelly didn’t just decide one day that he needed sex and there were no women around but instead actively solicited a relationship as well as sex with a teenage boy. Thus, like so many other niggers who pretend to be gun-toting fast-living whore-humping gang members; Kelly is actually a sodomite raping women as a cover for his simultaneous sodomizing of star-struck male teenagers.

This goes to prove why both the cult of celebrity is both ridiculous and dangerous because firstly it promotes people to proverbial godhood who have done nothing for the nation other than shuck and jive in public for living and secondly because those same people are completely unsuited to go from peasant to promethean as they start to believe their own PR and that there are no rules and no consequences for them.

This is why we should aspire not to be singer-songwriters but rather SS.