Rabbi in New Jersey Exposed as Sodomite and Child Molester

Rabbi in New Jersey Exposed as Sodomite and Child Molester

According to Shira Hanau writing for ‘JTA’ – and republished by the ‘Times of Israel’ – yet another leading figure in the jewish community in New Jersey has exposed as both a sodomite and a child molester.

She writes how:

‘Rabbi Shlomo Adelman returned to his position leading a Modern               Orthodox yeshiva in New Jersey in October, just weeks after being placed on leave following an allegation that he had molested a camper decades earlier.’

As well as that:

‘Adelman had been placed on paid leave in September amid public               revelations that a lawsuit had been filed against him in July 2021 alleging child sex abuse more than 30 years earlier. According to the lawsuit, Adelman was accused of molesting Joseph Kastner at Camp Mogen             Avraham in upstate New York in 1990. According to the suit, Adelman was a counselor in a bunk near Kastner, a camper at the time.

The lawsuit was filed under New York State’s Child Victims Act, which reopened the statute of limitations to allow victims of sexual abuse to sue their alleged abusers. Details about it and other lawsuits garnered               attention after the window to sue closed in August.’

So basically, Rabbi Adelman has been exposed as an ardent sodomite and child molester based on his time at Camp Mogen Avraham (literally ‘Shield of Abraham’) and has now achieved the role of being the head of a ‘Modern’ Orthodox (aka less strict and more sodomite friendly) yeshiva in jew-infested New Jersey.

Happily, even as degenerate as jews tend to be, they also don’t tend to like the possibility that their little Oedipus Complexes are getting the Ganymede treatment behind the prayer books from their erstwhile chief instructor. Hence why Rabbi Adelman has suddenly buggered off to commit buggery elsewhere.

If even jews are so proverbially intolerant of sodomite and so-called ‘pedo-sexuality’ then why aren’t we Aryans defenestrating sodomites out of our schools for the protection of our children from these not-so-secret sexual predators?