Rabbi Nachum Shifren: ‘Serve the Jews or Die’

Rabbi Nachum Shifren: ‘Serve the Jews or Die’

I was recently alerted to the presence of a video on Youtube (1) of an Orthodox Rabbi (2) named Nachum Shifren from Los Angeles addressing a gathering of the ‘English Defence League’ (which might be better known as the ‘Israel Defence League’). (3) It is one of those videos that makes you feel unclean and creates a great desire to promptly take a bath.

In the video Rabbi Shifren lectures his audience - who from the general tenor of the remarks they make aren’t likely to know their halakhah from their sharia - on how there is a ‘war going on’ between Islam and the West. (4) He also hints that the war isn’t per se about religion, but rather between the Arabs and the ‘White race’. (5)

The fact that Rabbi Shifren admits he isn’t a ‘paragon of virtue’ (6) is noteworthy in the sense that at least he isn’t lying - either outright or by omission - on that score and he certainly isn’t kidding about ‘lacking virtue’.

Interestingly Rabbi Shifren quite spectacularly fails to inform his audience of honest, but supremely gullible, Britons of what he must himself believe in being an Orthodox rabbi. More precisely that the jews are the link between the world and the jewish God (which he asserts the Christians also worship) (7) as well as being above non-jews (8) [which is implied by his outright sneer at those who dispute his representing Yahweh’s will to the gentiles]. He does however tell us - however implicitly - that the jews are not British or American and have a separate, superior existence. (9)

Indeed he even hints that the jews control the United States (10) as well as the West in general (11) and have dumbed Americans down via television, drugs (12) and Christianity. (13) He even has the (hilarious) chutzpah to claim that he - as a member of a ‘religious minority’ of ‘five million’ (presumably a rough figure for the amount of official jews in the United States) - (14) speaks for all of America. (15)

This would, of course, be rather odd unless we take into account that both Rabbi Shifren’s specific remarks and his belief system as an orthodox jewish rabbi indicate that he views himself - as a jew generally and a rabbi specifically - as superior to gentiles.

Some of his specific remarks which are telling in what they leave out - as well as what they leave in - are that he specifically blames the power of Arabs in the West on Christian clergy not putting out a sufficiently pro-jewish message (16) while not even considering apportioning even a tiny percent of the blame for his perception of the current situation on his own people and religion.

Instead Rabbi Shifren’s just blames his audience for being ‘dumb goyim’ (17) and not following the jewish line diligently enough as well as for actually believing some of the central assumptions behind Christianity.

Amazingly the audience is sufficiently clueless as to actually clap Rabbi Shifren when he says this, while he satanically smiles and briefly composes his next magic trick for his proverbial punters. This little trick is amazingly Shifren’s claim that those who follow the jews are the ‘enlightened’ ones, (18) which is not dissimilar to trying to sell the audience a form of new age spirituality whereby if they believe such and such a bit of nonsense they are therefore going to enjoy some special benefit in the afterlife.

Rabbi Shifren doesn’t attempt to get his audience to buy into some hilarious nonsense like that propounded by Rabbi Michael Berg of the infamous Kabbalah Center in Shifren’s own neck of the woods. Instead Shifren constantly repeats emotion-laden appeals that if the audience don’t do something then they will have Muslim overlords rather than jewish ones. (19)

In fact Rabbi Shifren repeats the word ‘children’ so much in the course of just a few minutes that one is forced to wonder what Sigmund Freud would have made of it all. That is fairly obvious however in that Freud would almost have certainly claimed that Rabbi Shifren had been sexually abused by his mother and was now a paedophile himself (or some such psychoanalytic drivel).

Rabbi Shifren then proceeds to emulate the Chinese Boxers - who practised shadowboxing in the belief that it made them immune to bullets and therefore invulnerable to Westerners - by claiming that those who follow the jews ‘cannot lose’ (20) presumably because Yahweh will flood the earth with the serried ranks of his heavenly armies that for some reason can’t win without the help of the jews.

Yet Rabbi Shifren goes further and asserts quite openly that all gentiles - represented by Muslims but Shifren does not exclude any non-jew in his remarks and the context in which he places them - who oppose jewish interests should be exterminated (21) as they are ‘despotic’ and ‘vicious’. (22)

Shifren tells his listeners that they are ‘in a war’ (23) to save the ‘jewish leadership’ of Western civilisation (24) and quite explicitly tells them to ‘take no prisoners’ (i.e., massacre those who oppose the jews). (25) He then goes on to tell his drooling audience that King Solomon - ‘the smartest man in the world’ (and a jew of course) - (26) has authorized them to totally and utterly hate the enemies of the jews. (27)

It is quite clear that Shifren is exhorting his unfortunately cheering listeners - probably filled with not a little Dutch courage - to go out and murder those who oppose the jews (as can be substantiated from his responses during the question-and-answer session about guns and how he wants the English Defence League to be armed so they can ‘put down the Muslims’). He then promptly tries to hide behind the intellectual shrubbery of the 1st Amendment (along with Alan Dershowitz when he implicitly advocated using torture to defend Israeli interests), but Rabbi Shifren - being slightly on the porky side - isn’t too good with the camouflage and just looks like a cowardly jew exhorting everyone to do what he himself wants to but is afraid he’ll get hurt.

Or perhaps he is afraid that he will break a fingernail?

Shifren then goes into what has been called - with some justification - ‘voodoo history’ where he tries to construct some kind of justification for why it is absolutely necessary to go and kill those who oppose the will of Israel and its impotent God’: Yahweh. Apparently we are told that there is a vast Muslim conspiracy with millions upon millions of petro-dollars at its disposal (28) who have taken control of the world’s media (29) and are currently re-editing the history textbooks (30) to include ‘30 pages about Islam’ presumably in place of the ‘30 pages about the Holocaust’.

Rabbi Shifren - who is obviously somewhat of an am ha-aretz (‘ignoramus’) on the rabbinic scene - then proceeds to contradict himself by claiming that isn’t really a Muslim conspiracy at all, but a communist one. (31) He also alleges that a bunch of nebulous and undefined ‘leftists’ control the media (32): he pleasantly refers to them as ‘lowlifes’. (33) Indeed, Rabbi Shifren seems to have forgotten that a very large and well out of proportion number of said ‘communists’, ‘leftists’ and ‘Muslim-lovers’ are themselves jews (34) and members of his apparently inconsequential ‘five million’. (35)

Oh dear: Rabbi Shifren’s little bit of ‘voodoo history’ is coming apart at the edges isn’t it?

He’s resorting to a variant of the old leftist ‘petro-dollar’ canard to finance his imagined ‘communist conspiracy’ of mysterious and undefined ‘insiders’ in a very similar meme to the line parroted by the John Birch Society after it had ceased to be a patriotic organisation and become merely a ‘get even richer quicker’ vehicle for its founder: Robert Welch.

It seems that when the jews create a conspiracy theory they damn well expect the gullible goyim to believe it hook, line and sinker, but when someone has so evil an urge to point out the flaws in this conspiracy theory then they become an ‘evil anti-Semite’ until they crawl on their knees begging for repentance, lovingly kiss the jew’s feet and finally gain absolution from the self-appointed lords of the universe.

So where is the so-called ‘Muslim and leftist controlled’ media bleating about this apparent ‘pillar of the jewish community’ advocating genocide and mass murder?

Answers on a postcard please!


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