Rabbinical Council of Europe admits to the Kosher Food Tax

Rabbinical Council of Europe admits to the Kosher Food Tax

Ynet News - the right-wing Israeli news website - is reporting that the European Parliament is currently considering whether or not to pass into a law a bill that would mean that corporations would have to label their meat products with an indication of how the meat was slaughtered. (1) This has caused a number of rabbinical authorities - who make their living off ‘accrediting’ others to produce kosher food products and those who sell them on (to unsuspecting gentiles) - to go into denunciation mode and declare that this yet another sign of ‘anti-Semitism’.

The points of interest in this story are threefold to my mind:

A) The claim made by Rabbi Arye Goldberg that Shechita (the kashrut method of slaughtering an animal) is one of the most ‘humane’ there is.

B) The assertion made by the Rabbinical Centre of Europe that the cost of kosher meat for jews is effectively subsidised by unknowing gentile buyers of meat products.

C) The assertion again made by Rabbi Arye Goldberg that the kosher industry - which I believe is the best way to describe it - bank rolls jewish institutions throughout Europe.

The first point of interest to us is Rabbi Goldberg’s un-evidenced assertion that Shechita is one of the most humane methods of animal slaughter known to man (forgive the slight pun). Now what is interesting to note here is that the Ynet article goes into some brief details of other common methods of slaughtering animals for food from electric shocks to bolt guns, but what is interesting is what it doesn’t mention in relation to Shechita. In that it involves cutting an animals throat [which is the only point Ynet mentions and quickly moves on] (while it is still alive and traditionally while it is held down with the ritual slaughterer sawing through its throat) and the Rabbi supervising the slaughtering chanting/singing prescribed prayers while the treif blood spurts out on the floor and the food animal dies slowly (and presumably fairly painfully).

Now I don’t know about you, but I would much rather get by heart stopped by a massive electric shock or get a bolt gun turning my brain stem into pulp (which takes but a second and is pretty much painless unless done badly [which government regulation largely prevents]) before I was butchered. Rather than being held down by jews and then having my aorta sawn through by a ritual slaughterer while a Rabbi chanted/sang prescribed prayers in honour of the feast they were about to partake of from my body. If anybody wants to see how vile Shechita is then you need but search for videos of it online (there are plenty about) or watch the last part of ‘Die Ewige Jude’, which contains footage (considered too shocking originally for German audiences) of such a slaughter taking place in 1939 or 1940. (2)

I really do find it utterly laughable that a jew would have the sheer chutzpah to claim that Shechita is one of the most ‘humane’ methods there is: I presume therefore that Rabbi Goldberg believes that having your throat slit and bleeding out is an appropriate method of capital punishment? As if he does not then he is something of a hypocrite.

So Rabbi Goldberg you were saying something about Shechita not being ‘barbaric’? If it isn’t ‘barbaric’ - like you claim - then surely you can tell us all about how you go about performing such a slaughter and explain to us why it is so very superior to our goyische ways of slaughtering food animals as painlessly as possible?

The second point of interest for us is the implication of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe that if the bill was to be passed and implemented by all member states then it would result in major financial loss for jewish slaughter houses as:

‘When a shechita slaughter goes wrong, making the meat not kosher, a slaughterhouse will still sell the steak or chicken filet to a non-Jewish market without a kosher label.’ (3)

So what we are being told here is that jews sell non-jews their waste products (the meat not worthy for their consumption), which - it is implied - they would not buy if they knew how the meat was slaughtered as Shechita is by any standard barbaric (and non-jews tend to like to cause the least amount of pain). In essence what the Rabbinical Council of Europe is worried about is that they won’t be able to sell their waste produce for the non-jews to eat without having to tell them that this was the case.

The Rabbinical Council of Europe is - in essence - condoning a form of grey-area fraud - i.e. it isn’t illegal but it is exactly legal either - by selling their waste product as meat that had been killed in accordance with non-religious standards (i.e. without any need to slit the animal’s throat and sing/chant prayers while it is spurting blood in its death-throes) when in fact it has been killed according to religious specifications in ways that the Rabbinical Council of Europe explicitly suggest non-jews - except Muslims and the odd Christian sect - wouldn’t approve of.

The Rabbinical Council of Europe also kindly tell us that their primary motivation for concern isn’t the fact they have been essentially lying to consumers for their own organisational profit for years (as they tell us - through implication - in the article that they are partially supported by funds from these same kosher slaughterhouses), but that it might result in high meat prices for jews because their kosher meat isn’t being subsidised by selling the waste produce to non-jews anymore. (4)

The third point of interest that meat slaughtered by the Shechita method provides funding for jewish communal organisations is also explicitly stated by the article when the indomitable Rabbi Goldberg is quoted by the article as follows:

‘Funds from kosher food are an important contribution to Jewish             institutions in Europe, the lack of these funds will mean the closure of many institutions which in turn will severely restrict Jewish life on the continent.’

Hang on a second Rabbi Goldberg: did you seriously just tell us that the supposed anti-Semitic myth of the ‘Kosher Food Tax’ is actually real?

As if it was a negligible amount on the jewish organisational account books then you would not be telling us that without the funds from Shechita slaughter then jewish institutions would either cease to function or severely curtail their activities.

Let us think about how this works for a moment as a little thought experiment: Rabbi Goldberg is telling us that the funds that are extracted from the supervision of kashrut observance (i.e. ‘funds from kosher food’ as he puts it making it sound like charitable donations rather than the business-to-business charge it is) are used by the rabbinical organisations - such as the Rabbinical Council of Europe and presumably other organisations such as the Orthodox Union etc - to fund their other activities and are in fact a considerable source of income (possibly even primary) as this is the implication of Rabbi Goldberg’s statement.

This means; if we include in it what we know are told about non-jews being sold the waste product from kosher slaughter houses and the statement that this subsidises the price jews pay for their meat, that any organisation who is buying meat from a kosher slaughter house (and by extension any customer who is buying from any organisation who is) is paying the rabbinical organisations for the upkeep of jewish institutions that then seek to further jewish interests in non-jewish lands.

Now if that isn’t a stealth tax by rabbinical organisations on non-jews for the explicit benefit of jews then I don’t know what is!

One wonders if the ADL are now going to claim that Rabbi Goldberg is 'promoting anti-Semitic myths' again: poor Rabbi Goldberg a jew and an ‘evil-nazi-who-wants-to-kill-6-millions-jews’.

Oy vey!


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