Race Traitor and Mulatto Son Murdered by Husband in Texas

Race Traitor and Mulatto Son Murdered by Husband in Texas

In an interesting article over at the ‘Fort Worth Star-Telegram’ a journalist named Domingo Ramirez Jr. – who sounds about as American as Mr. Wu-Ling at your local Chinese restaurant but we’ll forgive him his original sin for our purposes here –  describes how a mud-shark named Holly Beverly was murdered along with her mulatto son Titus Akins by her husband Timothy Paul Beverly II.

Now it is unclear whether Timothy Beverly is actually a nigger or just a white cuck who is raising the spawn of a mud-shark’s decision to see if niggers are really ‘better in bed’ (news flash they aren’t: hence why most successful male porn stars are white) but regardless he deserves a Darwin Award for removing both himself and his possible progeny from the gene pool.

Normally of course the Fort Worth Police Department would have managed to intervene on behalf of Holly and her half-breed son Titus but in this case divine providence had other ideas, because – as Joe Biden is desperately trying to replace the police officers who are quitting or retiring in droves – Fort Worth alone is down 35 911 dispatchers while Dallas is not in a much better if not worse situation. So the situation in the 911 call centres is dire to say the absolute least.

As a result of this – as Ramirez explains – the following events occurred:

‘An overworked 911 call-taker didn’t send a Fort Worth police officer on a June 1 domestic call that ended in a double-murder and suicide, according to a news report.

Ex-911 operator Kate Colley told KXAS-TV that the stressed 911 dispatcher received a call from Holly Beverly, who reported that her estranged husband was on his way to her apartment in west Fort Worth to harm her.

The operator didn’t send an officer because the suspect wasn’t actually on the scene yet, Colley told the TV station.

Three people were later found shot to death in the apartment, including Beverly.’

The reason - as Ramirez explains - is because:

As ‘a former Fort Worth call-taker said a dispatcher might answer 100 calls per shift on a normal day. In the days before and after the July 4 holiday, a caller could answer more than 300 per shift as residents swamp 911 with calls about fireworks.

“It’s non-stop,” said the ex-call-taker, who talked to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on the condition that her name not be used, referring to the firework calls. “They forget that we’re answering medical, police and fire calls.”’

Hence the result was:

‘Killed in the shooting were Beverly and her 17-year-old son, Titus Akins. The suspect, Beverly’s estranged husband Timothy Paul Beverly II, also died from gunshot wound to his head and his death was ruled a suicide.’

So in other words; the crisis caused by Joe Biden coddling niggers, supporting Antifa attacks on the police and innocent citizens, imprisoning police officers trying to control niggers high on Fentanyl and giving state support as well air time to ‘Black Lives Matter’ is increasingly coming to a head and we are seeing the beginning of a vicious circle of violence in America that could potentially lead to either Balkanization – as my friend Billy Roper argues – or to Civil War II as Thomas Chittum famously argued.

We won’t know till we get there but either scenario is a distinct possibility in America today for things as they are and how they appear to be developing.