Racemixing in J. K. Rowling's 'Harry Potter'

Racemixing in J. K. Rowling's 'Harry Potter'

By White Forever

A few years ago, I read through the Harry Potter books and made a list of all the spots where the batshit insane Rowling displays her leftist anti-white worldview. Many of these spots had to do with the pure blood/mixed blood/mudblood storyline.

I never made an article out of it, but considering it is one of the most (the most?) commercially successful book series, I thought it was culturally relevant to look at the propaganda in it.

In short, Rowling keeps praising the mixing of blood and the “pure blood” are presented as evil folks.

The transmission of “magical power” in her story is absurdly inconsistent. Very rarely, two non-magical people may yield a magical person. Two magical people almost always yield a magical person (though she purposefully creates case of “pure bloods” who yield a non-magical person). A magical person mixing with a non-magical person yields… almost always a magical person, in her narrative.

In this narrative, it’s evil to view non-pureblood people as not fully magical person, because their own magical abilities and their ability to transmit their magical skill to their progeny are pretty much identical to that of the purebloods. To the contrary, the purebloods need the mutts in order to avoid consanguinity and extinction. In my own thought, I substituted “pureblood” with “whites” to get at Rowling’s insane worldview.

But this narrative is completely inconsistent. Magic ability is strongly tied to heredity; therefore, it makes no sense at all that mixing would not “dilute” the passing on of magical ability. Indeed, if it was so most of the alive population would have become magical from millennia of magical men impregnating non-magical women. But magic people are clearly a tiny minority of the population in the books.

Therefore, the “evil purebloods” are right when they say that intermixing is very bad (it would destroy them) and their “racism” is very justified. Their recurrent presentation as people who love to torture others for no reason because they are evil is Rowling trying to make them hated.