Record low turnout in French elections

Record low turnout in French elections

The lowest turnout ever in a french national election since World War 2 has been recorded in the latest regional elections, much to the displeasure of the political class and of political commentators who tried desperately to get people to visit the voting booth, with a mask on the face, of course.

People were called to vote for party lists to pick who would seat in local assemblies whose attributions, beyond more grifting and bureaucracy, are unclear to most. As appropriate in a progressive jewed country, lists were mandated to alternate men and women. The sentiment of pointlessness associated to these elections contributed to the record high abstention.

As customary in french elections, two rounds were organized. The turnout in the first round was a laughable 33.28%, less than a third of people registered to vote. Despite a full week of medias calling the population to vote and higher stakes, the second round participation was barely higher, at 34.69%.

This is a telltale sign of the growing disillusion towards the scam of democracy and its sacred vote within the country. Only the boomers and older generations voted in significant numbers. The profiles of people who didn’t vote are varied. Non-white invaders had a low turnout, but that’s only part of the story. Indeed abstention was also sky-high among young white people, independently of their political sympathies, and among working class whites who have been hit the hardest by the governmental policies for decades (immigration, economy, virus madness…).

Beyond general abstention, the most notable event is the collapse of Marine Le Pen’s party, widely misinterpreted in the mainstream lying media. The Rassemblement National (a rebrand of the Front National) only got 2.7 million votes (18.7%) in the 1st round, compared to over 6 million votes (27.0%) in the 2015 regional elections. Polls predicted around 28% for the RN in the 1st round of the election, incredibly far off from reality.

The mainstream analysis is that people moved away from “extremist” ideas towards more republican parties. With french culture endangered by brown parasites more numerous and as aggressive as ever, economic difficulties heightened after the unjustified lockdowns, to mention only the most pressing issues, the “far-right” electorate didn’t disappear.

The delusion of the mainstream is that Marine Le Pen is repelling because she’s an evil racist. People who voted for her or her party in the past did so despite media scaremongering, because they desperately sought a solution to the problems they saw. The National-Socialist perspective provides the key insight: Marine Le Pen is completely repelling because she is a traitorous bitch.

For years, and especially after her failure in the 2017 presidential election, the fishmonger Marine Le Pen has been not so subtly insulting her electorate, in a useless attempt to get the stamp of approval of the mainstream media. Examples are numerous: witch-hunting members of her own party that aren’t politically correct enough, claiming that Islam has an important place in France and that only “fundamentalists” are an issue, going out of her way to support faggots… Of course she also entirely went along the mainstream narrative regarding the coronavirus epidemic.

Henry de Lesquen perhaps said it best:

Marine Le Pen is a leftist woman. People don’t know it, but she’s a leftist woman. (…) She is uncultured. What she likes is to have fun in a nightclub while listening to nigger music.

She has no moral compass and doesn’t care about the french people. Reasonable positions she utters are too often a poor attempt at catering to the electorate she inherited, lacking genuine conviction. She badly lacks competence and insight, with one self-defeating move after another. This has become all too transparent for many of the people who used to vote Front National. For them, abstention was a logical response.

The results of the vote are perhaps the least important part of the story. Macron’s party had catastrophic results, and in all mainland France regions, the previously ruling majority won again; in spite of the historical right and left parties having gone through massive turmoil, splits and internal strife following the presidential win of the media’s and kikes’ darling, the race-traitor Macron.

The next stop for the democratic sham in France will be next year’s presidential election. We can predict without risk it’s not going to help with the existential threat the nation is facing.