‘Refugees’ Who Burnt Down Their Own Accommodation Rewarded by UK Judge

According to the woke and yet very boring BBC – yes I know it somehow manages to be both boring and promote a Mao-style cultural revolution at the same time – the ‘refugees’ who have been housed temporarily in Napier Barracks in the otherwise charming seaside town of Folkestone since the beginning of the Great Kung Flu scare have won a court judgement that they have been – and are being – treated ‘unlawfully’.

To quote the Beeb’s commentary:

‘The Home Office's decision to house cross-channel migrants in a "squalid" barracks in Folkestone was unlawful, the High Court has ruled.

Six asylum seekers brought the case, claiming Napier Barracks was "unsafe" and dormitory use caused a Covid-19 outbreak.

Lawyers said it breached human rights, but the government claimed short-term housing there was lawful.’

Okay so let me put this another way with the implications of what Judge Linden has stated.

Firstly that ‘refugees’ – who remember are supposed to be actively in fear of their lives in their home countries – should have better accommodation and facilities than active-duty British soldiers who were housed at Napier Barracks previously in exactly the same facilities that these ‘refugees’ are so ‘upset’ about.

Surely if you are actually ‘in fear of your life’ you would be grateful for any kind of decent accommodation with food and facilities provided free of charge. I would.

Instead, these so-called ‘refugees’ are upset that they haven’t been put at the Hilton at the taxpayer’s expense and then have proceeded to claim the fact they have been housed in dormitories is ‘causing’ Kung Flu to spread.

This brings us onto the second point that Kung Flu is not spread by dormitories but rather by poor sanitary habits – I am guessing the ‘refugees’ were refusing to clean the facilities themselves and wanted a maid service – and a lack of any kind of social distancing (which is quite possible in a dormitory, but you have to actually give a damn). These so-called ‘refugees’ are just looking for a way out of a secure location so they can ‘disappear’ into British cities, so they’ll never be found and then can help form the next generation of the Indo-Pakistani grooming gangs that seem to be an eternally reoccurring theme in cities and towns across the modern UK.

Then of course the Daily Mail will have a whinge about it but won’t give too much coverage to the obvious fact that they are composed almost exclusively of Indians and Pakistanis. Can’t mention the obvious because that’d be… gosh… racist now: wouldn’t it?

The subversive parasites – sorry ‘human rights lawyers’ – who brought this case on behalf of the hooting marsupials squatting in Napier Barracks are little better and a good case in point of why the legal profession needs an awful lot of pollarding to get rid of all the diseased and dead wood in its ranks.

Not only does that need to happen with the legal profession but also within the fourth estate as journalists who can write such garbage as the below from the Beeb need to dropped off in the Congo to play ‘Survivor’:

‘It could also lead to further cases from any other men held at the camp who can bring similar evidence to court.

Mr Justice Linden's judgment looked in detail at a fire that broke out at the site in January, and when 200 people contracted coronavirus during an outbreak at the camp earlier this year.

The ruling followed hearings that took place in April.

The judge said: "I do not accept that the accommodation there ensured a standard of living which was adequate for the health of the claimants.

"Insofar as the defendant considered that the accommodation was adequate for their needs, that view was irrational."

Mr Justice Linden also criticised the "detention-like" setting for the men.

He said: "They were supposed to live voluntarily pending a determination of their applications for asylum.

"When this is considered, a decision that accommodation in a detention-like setting - a site enclosed by a perimeter fence topped with barbed wire, access to which is through padlocked gates guarded by uniformed security personnel - will be adequate for their needs, begins to look questionable."’

Quite apart from the vapid whining about ‘detention’ – maybe we should evict the journalist responsible with their family and house several of the more deserving ‘refugee’ families in their presumably plush pad – the idea that the fire – which gutted at least one of the blocks in Napier Barracks in January 2021 – was because of ‘poor conditions’ is utter garbage.

To quote Emma Wallis at ‘InfoMigrants’ about what actually happened:

‘A fire broke out, the on-site canteen was vandalized and windows smashed.’

While even Jamie Grierson and Diane Taylor at the ultra-pro-anything-not-White-or-British ‘Guardian’ quoted one of the ‘refugees’ that:

‘Since a few distressed people lost control and made a wrong choice to set one block on fire, there has been no electricity, hot water or drinkable water.’

Even Priti Patel – who is a corrupt pro-Israel lobbyist that somehow has gotten to be ‘Home Secretary’ in the increasingly pajeet-run government of the UK – took the (correct) attitude that the conduct of the so-called ‘refugees’ was unacceptable.

The Beeb’s journalist treats these realities not as necessary contextual facts but rather as things that need to be omitted to give a more favourable interpretation for the so-called ‘refugees’ so they don’t look like what they are: ungrateful vicious economic migrants.

If Britain was under a National Socialist government, then this simply would not occur because the state would have accepted those who were racially suitable and had a genuine need for political asylum, while others who were not would be ejected post haste back to their countries for origin.

Reality is simple.

Reality is National Socialist.