Sanctimonious Sodomite Pleads Poverty after Libelling Politician

Dr. Christian Jessen – who splits his time between professional sodomy and practising medicine – recently lost a high profile court case against the (now former) leader of the Democratic Ulster Unionist Party Arlene Foster after he published a tweet on 23rd December 2019 alleging that Foster was having an extra-martial affair with one of her bodyguards and then refused to take it down till 7th January 2020 despite being contacted directly by Foster’s solicitor Paul Tweed on 24th December 2019 to which he claimed ignorance - but had replied with ‘LOL’ at the time - and which resulted in the demise of Foster’s marriage.

He has been ordered to pay $125,000 in damages plus Foster’s legal fees which is likely to rise to £300,000 if he appeals the ruling.

Jessen has predictably gone crying to the media and his supporters claiming that he ‘only has £20,000 to his name’ despite the fact that his worth has been recently estimatedto actually be between £1 to £5 million.

This is likely true as Jesson has a private medical practice on London’s famous Harley Street, has written several books that have presumably sold well and also has appeared on multiple hit television shows such as ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ and ‘Supersize vs Superskinny’.

Yet Jesson - like the typical sanctimonious sodomite he is – is claiming that he not only has £20,000 to his name – does the man not even own a car let alone a house or has bubble-gum flavour anal lubricant suddenly become more expensive than platinum? – but that it is afflicting his ‘mental health’ – apparently, he didn’t give a shit about Foster’s hence his vicious reply of ‘LOL’ – so much so that he has gone to live – and presumably sulk - with his parents.

Hell even the Judge didn’t believe him as he already tried to claimed poverty and the £125,000 was awarded after he pleaded poverty – with documentary evidence mind you – so clearly the Judge didn’t believe his self-serving whining either, because he probably can pay it but just doesn’t want to.

Oh, but it gets better.

Do you know how he proposes to get the money?

Does he want to work for it or make a payment plan for it like the rest of the British people have to?

Oh no my friends this filthy fudge packer wants everyone else to pay for his role – via a GoFundMe of course - in the destruction of Foster’s marriage because he ‘only has £20,000’ and if I am not much mistaken. He is trying to spin this as some kind of ‘civil rights’ case of tar and feathered turd burglar versus conservatively Christian crazy. When the reality is that despite his august presence in the institutional sodomy that afflicts the United Kingdom – MI5 for example – he couldn’t convincingly claim he hadn’t libelled Foster nor engaged in the necessary due diligence when he publicly laughed at her legal request to take down a libellous tweet to a legal system which is broadly sympathetic to his ilk.

I mean how much of piece of anally retentive pond scum do you to have to be to behave like that?

Oh sorry… he’s an unrepentant medical sodomite who specialises in infectious diseases – most notably AIDS - but for some reason doesn’t even wear gloves when handling HIV positive blood on live television… anally retentive pond scum doesn’t even begin to adequately describe him.

Just you watch… I am sure he’ll have a ‘miraculous’ recovery from his ‘depression’ – aka ‘I am upset that I lost’ – and will now start doing the rounds on the TED talk circuit discussing his ‘recovery from intense suicidal ideation’ but won’t mention his presumably rather steep speaker’s fees.