Shitskin Asylum Seeker goes on Stab-a-thon on German Train

Shitskin Asylum Seeker goes on Stab-a-thon on German Train

According to the BBC on 6th November yet another one of Mama Merkel’s shitskin ‘doctor, scientist and engineer’ refugees from the Middle East decided to revert back to type and go on a stab-a-thon on a German train.

They write how:

‘Three people have been seriously injured in a knife attack on a high-speed train in southern Germany.

Police arrested the alleged attacker, a 27-year-old Syrian man, shortly after the attack on a train travelling between the cities of Regensburg and Nuremberg in Bavaria.

The motive for the attack, at around 09:00 (08:00 GMT), remains               unclear.

None of the injuries is thought to be life-threatening. Several hundred passengers were evacuated.

One woman told the German newspaper Bild she was standing in the aisle when she heard other passengers screaming: "There's a knife! Everyone get to the rear!"

The train was halted at the station of Seubersdorf, roughly 70km (43m) south of Nuremberg, where the man was arrested.

According to German media reports, the arrested man had been granted refugee status after entering Germany in 2014 and was suffering from "psychological problems".

The attack comes months after a Somali immigrant fatally stabbed three women in the city of Würzburg.

Similar attacks in the past few years have exacerbated divisions in               Germany as some of the perpetrators had arrived during the 2015 migrant crisis when Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the country's doors to some 900,000 asylum-seekers.’

As the BBC rightly notes – for once – this is part of a rapidly increasing trend of Islamic terror-attacks in Europe deriving almost exclusively from the vast horde of shitskins who were invited into European countries against the express wishes of the native population back in 2014/2015, which our jewish-run leftist-dominated media refuses to admit has absolutely anything to do with either Islam or the mass immigration of shitskins into Europe!

The Beeb also rightly cites the case of Würzburg earlier this year – which we covered in detail here at TPS (as well as the fact that the media tried to blame National Socialism rather than the terrorist himself!) – but they unsurprisingly don’t mention the one perpetrated by an Afghan ‘refugee’ in March 2021 in Sweden, another by another Afghan ‘refugee’ in Northern Germany in 2021 and the rape and murder of an Austrian teenager with the aid of yet another Afghan ‘refugee’ as well as a horny shitskin ‘refugee’ from Syria in June 2021 as well as the fact the prime Afghan ‘refugee’ suspect promptly fled to the UK and was quietly arrested in September and is to be deported back to Austria.

Oh, but that isn’t a pattern right and nor is the fact that rather than look at the possibility that there has been, yet another Islamic terrorist attack linked to Mama Merkel’s infamous shitskin ‘doctors, scientists and engineers’. The mainstream media have gone absolutely quiet about this fresh Islamic terrorist attack by a so-called ‘refugee’ from the Middle East and only the London-based Arab news outlet ‘Al Araby’ and Pakistan’s ‘Dawn’ have covered the fact that this latest shitskin terrorist was quietly locked away in a psychiatric ward the day after committing his stab-a-thon on a German train predictably targeting Aryans as the focus of his attempt to get his 23 Raisins in Jannah while the authorities have denied that it was a terrorist attack at all in true Orwellian style.

My response to such dismissive hand-waving is simple: if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck then it is a duck not a rooster doing its best duck impression.

This was Islamic terrorism perpetrated by shitskin ‘refugees’ and they were allowed into Europe by white traitors while the jewish-run leftist-dominated media covers up their crimes and atrocities in the name of diversity.

Remember the names of those responsible for this latest travesty my friends.

For one day they will be called before the seat of judgement.