Shitskin Murdered in Gangland Killing in Marseille

Shitskin Murdered in Gangland Killing in Marseille

France is often a forgotten country when it comes to the shitskin invasion of Europe and the ongoing ethnic cleanings of the Aryan race from its original homeland. This is partly due to the language barrier – happily promoted by the Academie Francaise – but mainly due to the deliberate underreporting of the scale of shitskin crime and violence – especially from Islamic North African population – in the country by journalists.

Hence why when Hugh Schofield writing for the BBC bothers to notice yet another gangland murder in the southern city of Marseille. Instead of being honest about what is going on and that Marseille is home to huge numbers of shitskins and jews as well as that the areas concerned in these crimes are shitskin majority slums. We are instead treated to a panegyric in support of President Emmanuel Macron and his pupil-molesting wife Brigitte and their ‘plan’ to civilize the savages.

He begins by writing how:

‘Two weeks ago a 14-year-old boy called Rayanne was shot dead by a young man on a scooter outside the Les Marronniers housing estate where he lived in northern Marseille. Two other boys - one of 14, the other aged eight - were wounded in the attack.

Over the following weekend three more people were murdered in             Marseille, also in turf wars over drugs. One of them was burned alive in the boot of a car. So far this year there have been 15 gangland killings in France's second city, 12 since the start of the summer.’

Then he decides to push for sympathy for the shitskins getting killed in the shootings:

‘What has people talking - and fretting - is the young age of so many of the victims.

Rayanne is a case in point. Relatives insist he was a normal schoolboy caught in the crossfire. Investigators think otherwise: that he was a             chouffeur (look-out) paid by one of the gangs to patrol the frontline of its demesne.

Police, magistrates, social workers and local journalists all agree that the age of these drugs auxiliaries has been getting steadily younger.

"In 2010 the first time a 16-year-old was killed it was a thunderclap, but we thought it was a one-off. With the benefit of hindsight we can see it was the start of a trend," one social-worker told Le Monde newspaper last week.

According to the writer and expert on Marseille's poor northern               neighbourhoods, Philippe Pujol: "The killings in Marseille are always over sales-points. The big bosses slug it out in Morocco or Spain. Here on the ground the drugs retail has been subcontracted out, and it's teenagers doing the work."

Youngsters can be recruited over the Internet and many come from estates in other French cities.

"It's like a summer job, but they're much more vulnerable than the local lads because they're so isolated," an investigating magistrate told Le Monde newspaper.

According to Pujol, many young recruits become indebted to the gang leaders. Some start taking drugs themselves. With police raids getting more frequent, good new sales-points are hard to find.

"Young and in debt, they want to make big sales, so they push out further from their home turf. And that's where the competition comes. They come up against other kids from other gangs, also playing high stakes," he says.’

So far so good and you would never know that we are talking about shitskins here with the reporting being designed to create the illusion that this is just an issue of impoverished white youths duking it out without directly lying when in reality it is shitskins.

Schofield only lets the fact that we are talking about shitskins out of the bag when he sneaks in the statement that:

‘What he wants to avoid is letting the hard-right's Marine Le Pen or a centre-right candidate like Xavier Bertrand treat the issue as their own.’

In other words, the people doing the shooting and being killed are all shitskin immigrants to France and thus there is a concern that the increasingly liberal but anti-Islam ‘National Rally’ party will use this as a propaganda opportunity to demonstrate the absolute futility of the reign of the baby-faced child abuse victim from his high chair in Paris.

The media hates you white man and as such will happily cover for the shitskins who may eventually murder you.

Time is short and is growing shorter every day.