Shitskin Shebeast Imprisoned for Murdering Own Child

Shitskin Shebeast Imprisoned for Murdering Own Child

According to the BBC, the following delightful events have occurred in the UK:

‘A mother who left her newborn baby for dead in woodland has been been sentenced to a minimum of nine years in jail.

Maliki Keresi's body was discovered close to Shore Road in Hythe, near Southampton, in 2020.

His mother Silipa Keresi, 38, was found guilty of murder following a trial at Winchester Crown Court.

Passing a life sentence, Mr Justice Garnham said the child was left "exposed, defenceless and abandoned".

Maliki's body was found in dense woodland wrapped in a bloodstained bath towel by a dog walker on the afternoon of 5 March 2020.

A post-mortem examination found the cause of death was "omission of care".

Tests showed he had suffered severe hypothermia and died within 24 hours of birth, consistent with being abandoned.

Her trial was told Keresi, originally from Fiji, had wanted an abortion but was over the time limit when she inquired in November 2019.

Prosecutors said she had "not engaged" with medical and social services in the subsequent months.’

So basically, this sub-human piece of shit decided that it didn’t want to shit out its shitskin sprog long after it was legal to medically abort it – and let's me honest, abortion would have been kinder to its spawn – and instead of bothering to give it into care. It decided to shit it out and leave it in woodland to die from exposure.

Why on earth are there even shitskins in the UK let alone ones allowed to drain the money drawn from the hard-pressed and ever fewer British taxpayers so they can shit out fresh shitskins while bemoaning about how awful and ‘racist’ the British are for giving them sanctuary and fresh opportunities?

Why not give those opportunities to British people instead and not shitskin squatters?

Isn’t that a novel idea?