Shitskins Beat Up Jew in New York; Media Blames White People

Shitskins Beat Up Jew in New York; Media Blames White People

According to Emily Davenport writing for ‘AM New York’, there has been yet another so-called ‘anti-Semitic hate crime’ in the city.

She writes how:

‘The NYPD is looking for a duo who attacked a man in Brooklyn over the summer.

According to police, at 2:30 a.m. on Aug. 28 a 31-year-old man was in front of Set Lounge, located at 1828 McDonald Avenue, when he was approached by two unknown men. The men proceeded to kick and punch the victim while saying “f—ing Jew.”

The victim suffered swelling and lacerations to his face, neck and left arm. The incident is being investigated by the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force.

Both suspects are described as light-skinned men with dark-colored hair. The first suspect was last seen wearing dark-colored jean shorts and black flip flops, with a white t-shirt draped around his neck, while the second suspect was last seen wearing a light-colored tank top, light-colored shorts, and Adidas slides.’

Notice how Davenport tries to imply that the suspects are Aryans – for example the reference to ‘light-skinned men with dark-colored hair’ – but this is clearly not the case as even in the stills taken from the security camera footage the men look Arab/Iranian in appearance not white let alone Aryan.

Ironically Benjamin Kerstein – who is a kike writing for the rabidly pro-Israel jewish publication ‘The Algemeiner’ – inadvertently blows the lid on Davenport’s sidestepping of the truth when he describes the events in the pages of that periodical as follows:

‘New York police released footage of an apparent antisemitic assault on Thursday, in which two intoxicated men attacked a Jewish man outside a club in Brooklyn, New York while shouting anti-Jewish statements.

The NYPD Crime Stoppers Twitter account tweeted that the hate crime took place outside the Set Lounge at 1828 McDonald Avenue in Brooklyn, in the early morning hours of Aug. 28.

Two individuals, the police said, began punching and kicking the victim while yelling racist and antisemitic slurs.

According to the New York Daily News, the two men appeared to be drunk, and screamed “F***ing Jews! Jews shouldn’t exist!” during the attack, as well as “Islam faith is the most purest!”’

So, in other words, the two men were Muslims, were motivated by Islam (as well as allegedly alcohol) and weren’t even white let alone Aryans in the first place. I’d love to tell you that Aryans had finally seized the bull by the horns and begun beating up jews in the streets of New York City, but this just isn’t true.

It does however show that media routinely lies to you either outright or by implication and thus it creates the impression that ‘evil white men’ are routinely getting drunk and beating up the official groups of eternal victims: kikes, faggots and niggers. Yet this simply is not the case, and it is but another attempt to spread and normalize anti-white hatred in the name of ‘progressive’ politics.

We must be our own solution my friends because no one – and I repeat no one – is coming to save us.