Sholom Rubashkin, Donald Trump and Illegal Immigration

Sholom Rubashkin, Donald Trump and Illegal Immigration

When former US President Donald Trump unilaterally commuted the sentence of Hasidic criminal Sholom Rubashkin of the powerful Lubavitch Chabad it was a surprise to say the least. We had news reports of Rubashkin promptly having a huge and likely expensive party outside of his Brooklyn home, (1) Hasidic jews were lining up to thank Trump in Florida (2) and a wild celebration also occurred in the ultra-Orthodox synagogues in Postville, Ohio. (3)

Aaron Goldsmith - one of the leading the members of Lubavitcher Chabad in Postville, Ohio and the co-author (with two Marxists no less) of a badly written and rather transparently partisan defence of Rubashkin in 2009 charged that it was an ‘anti-Semitic conspiracy’ and that he did nothing wrong – (4) claimed his release as a ‘victory against an [anti-Semitic] conspiracy led the US government’ and immediately began trying to prepare the ground to sue the US authorities for daring to bring Rubashkin to book for his crimes. (5) A sentiment that was shared by Eli Reiter – a self-described liberal jewish member of the Lubavitch Chabad – in the pages of the ‘Jewish Daily Forward’. (6)

But what did the US authorities bring Sholom Rubashkin to book for?

To quote Shira Felder’s concise summary in the same periodical.

Rubashkin’s company ‘Agriprocessors was no stranger to bad press, facing accusations of mistreatment of cattle, pollution, undocumented             immigrants, anti-competitive practices and breaking labor laws. An expose done by the Forward dragged some of these issues into the open and prompted a national outcry. Rabbis pledged to monitor plant               conditions and ensure ethical treatment for workers with a “Tzedek             Hechsher” certification.

In May 2008, U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement staged a raid of the plant, the largest in U.S. history at the time, arresting almost 400 employees. Most of the arrested undocumented immigrants served a five-month sentence before being deported.

On November 5, 2008, Agriprocessors filed for bankruptcy, citing               workforce loss after the raid, declined public interest in Agriprocessors’ products and increased production costs.

Agriprocessors’ eventual shutdown led to a shorter of kosher meat in America and raised prices by other kosher meat manufacturers. Empire Kosher, the largest kosher meat producer in America, doubled its              production rate in response. The CEO of Agriprocessors was sent to prison for bank fraud.’ (7)

Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz adds that:

‘In May of 2008, Agriprocessors, the largest kosher slaughterhouse in America, was raided by I.C.E., in what was the largest immigration raid in U.S. history at that time.

It put a stain on the moral reputation of the kosher industry in America due to frequent citations for illegal practices including violating wage laws and child labor laws, the abuse of animals, food safety violations, and environmental laws.’ (8)

Indeed, when ICE pounced on Rubashkin’s operation they ‘swept up 389 workers and herded them into the National Cattle Congress in Waterloo. About one-fourth of the town disappeared in an instant.’ (9)

As Sue Fishkoff has pointed out these employees – even when they were legal migrants from Guatemala and Mexico (which was not the majority as Shira Felder pointed out in the summary quoted above) - didn’t even know what a social security number was let alone have one. Many could not even sign their own name, used an ‘X’ and did whatever their jewish bosses told them to do without question. (10)

Ironic isn’t it that a President who came to power on strident promises to ensure that illegal immigrants were deported, and a wall was to be built on the US/Mexican border to prevent them re-crossing promptly freed one of the worst cases of an employer systematically employing migrants he knew to be illegal and then treated them worse than even he and his fellow ultra-Orthodox did the local inhabitants – largely of German ancestry – of Postville, Ohio.  (11)

The reason for this was that a cabal of jews coordinated by an organisation calling itself ‘The Aleph Institute’ – which in jewish mysticism simply equates ‘The Truth Institute’ – systematically sought to get Rubashkin freed. (12) They organised an attempt to get President Obama to commute Rubashkin’s sentence as well as then using their influence with the mass media to demand that Obama issue a last-minute commutation before his term as US President came to an end. (13)

It was the infamous pro-Israel lawyer Alan Dershowitz who used a meeting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to plead Rubashkin’s case directly to Trump and claimed an array of things to make the case such as he was ‘unjustly sentenced’, that the judge was ‘biased’/’anti-Semitic’ and that ‘the system’ had railroaded an honest businessman. (14)

He was ably supported by Trump’s jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner - who has deep and long-standing ties to the Lubavitch Chabad (15) and an absolute horde of ‘bipartisan supporters’ who ‘signed that they supported the notion’. (16) The fact that this is down more to the intimidating power of the Israel Lobby on Capitol Hill than the ‘great case’ that Dershowitz chutzpathically claims he presented is typically glossed over in the coverage.

This is pointedly suggested by the fact that Dershowitz’s attempt in the law courts to get Rubashkin’s conviction reversed was roundly rejected by his legal peers in January 2017. (17) Yet Dershowitz continued to besiege every available person with influence to get his fellow jew freed from dealing with the consequences of his actions.

Indeed, it turns out that Trump freed Rubashkin based on a straw poll at a meeting of his advisers (18) and did so – at least so the ‘Times of Israel’ believes – to court political support from the Orthodox jewish community (19) for whom this was a cause celebre, (20) but it is Jared Kushner’s influence over Trump that was almost certainly decisive. (21)

This doesn’t mean that Rubashkin has got off scot-free as he has still served eight years in prison and owes the US government some $26 million, (22) but we may reasonably expect that the jews – led no doubt once again by Dershowitz and the Lubavitch Chabad – will move to have this reversed as well.

The line they will use is that pursued by Dershowitz up to now, which is two-fold.

Firstly, that Linda Reade – the judge who imposed the original sentence on Rubashkin – had an ‘undisclosed conflict of interest’ because she had previously presided over a crackdown on illegal immigrants (23) and that her husband had invested in companies running prisons used to house illegal immigrants prior to deportation. (24)

Now had this been a viable argument then Dershowitz’s legal suit wouldn’t have been tossed out by another judge in January 2017, but also the logic is distinctly flaw as it asserts that because Linda Reade has an interest in cracking down on illegal immigrants that she’d give a man charged with bank fraud – not employing illegal immigrants – (25) then she imposed a harsher than normal sentence on him. This Dershowitz et al have neither substantiated beyond merely asserting it to be true despite the fact that Reade was trying Rubashkin for bank fraud not aiding and abetting illegal migrants.

Secondly Dershowitz claims that Reade and vast assortment of other federal offices are ‘biased’ (26) by which he means ‘anti-Semitic’. (27) Others jews have made the same charge publicly such as Michael Mukasey, (28) Eli Reiter (29) and Eli Sternberg. (30)

This line of argument is primarily based upon on the harsher than normal sentence imposed on Rubashkin which for bank fraud is a couple of years in prison and a fine. (31) However, Dershowitz fails to mention that his client was convicted on 86 of 91 counts of bank fraud, (32) which might just… you know… push up the sentence a bit.

Also, if Reade were ‘anti-Semitic’ then she wouldn’t have dismissed the prosecutor’s contention that Rubashkin was an imminent flight risk, because he was, and is, a de-facto citizen of the state of Israel. (33)

It is also worth noting that prosecutors elected not to further prosecute Rubashkin for the numerous immigration offenses, because they felt that the sentence was enough to account for those as well. (34)

Thus, we can see that it was in fact a straight forward betrayal of White America and his own voters for Trump to commute the sentence of a criminal who aided and abetted illegal immigrants, but is also evidence that Donald Trump never actually ruled the United States.

The jews did and do.





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