Sodomite Edgelord Andrew Dymock Convicted

Sodomite Edgelord Andrew Dymock Convicted

According to the BBC, Sodomite Edgelord Andrew Dymock who LARPed as a National Socialist – and as said before he was and is about as National Socialist as a Wiccan is an Evangelical Christian – has been convicted of various terrorism-related and thought crimes for running the ‘System Resistance Network’ and ‘Sonnenkrieg Divison’ in UK.

As I previously argued Dymock is a great example of why the Edgelord brigade who like to LARP around James Mason and his book ‘Siege’ – not a horrible book in and of itself but far inferior to other works of the same period written in the US from George Lincoln Rockwell, Dr. William Pierce and Professor Revilo Oliver – as well as their broad promotion of such vile products of the jewish mind as Satanism.

Dymock is the classic version of the edgy teenager type who promotes ideas – often incompatible with one another – because of their perceived shock value rather than a sincere belief in them and in many ways what I know of Dymock’s ideology suggests he was basically got off on being as transgressive as humanly possible and now has decided he is a sodomite – he prefers ‘bisexual’ – rather than a ‘Nazi Satanist’ promoting lone wolf terrorism in the vein of Atomwaffen.

National Socialists who have been in the movement quite some time – like the current writer - have seen kids like Dymock come and go usually shooting off into something like traditional Catholicism or Stalinism. It isn’t anything particularly new as a phenomenon but what is new is that these wannabe Horst Wessels have become both an active vehicle to promote ridiculous jewish shit within the movement and also have decided it is absolutely great idea to promote terrorism too.

This promotion of terrorism – which National Socialism has long warned against (for example everyone from Adolf Hitler to Francis Parker Yockey to George Lincoln Rockwell to Dr. William Pierce has ardently opposed terrorism as a political strategy) – is the real problem however precisely because National Socialism is already seen as modern-day devil worship (with Adolf Hitler as the devil incarnate) by large sections of the Aryan people no matter what we say or do.

Therefore, it is easy for the System to ‘justify’ a crackdown on us with the compliant mainstream media cheerleading it with histrionics and rhetorical quotations about ‘hate’/’tolerance’/’discrimination’ etc. So, all that happens when you have a bunch of ‘Nazi Satanists’ egging each other on to become more and more extreme ending up in promoting literal terrorism (from their childhood bedrooms no less) then the result is fairly obvious.

All the idiotic ‘Nazi Satanists’ they can find get arrested and charged with the resulting sensational court case reporting and attempts (often successful) to ‘turn’ these teenagers into ‘former Nazis’ but also sincere National Socialists who have never promoted terrorism or even gotten a traffic ticket get caught up in the sweep.

It also makes it legislatively easier in the future for the System – due to how case law works in common law - to go after any National Socialist or even just a nationalist or academic racialist later because these ‘Nazi Satanists’ allow the System to break down that legal wall and now the serious people have to deal with the poor behaviour of a few.

This is why National Socialists have to be careful what they say and how they say it these days because any latitude we used to have in the System – in North America, Europe and Oceania – has been more or less obliterated by the behaviour and empty rhetoric of these ‘Nazi Satanists’ as well as other similar individuals.

It is because of them that we have to be even more circumspect with how we operate, and it is also because of them that a cottage industry of Antifa-aligned ‘experts on the far right’ has been allowed to not only grow up (it was sort of around anyway) but become highly profitable as a niche market within consulting flogging their services to government’s desperate to show their Woke credentials.

It is because of Sodomite Edgelords like Andrew Dymock that – as the saying goes – we cannot have nice things.