Sodomite Judge Exposed as Paedophile in Milwaukee

Sodomite Judge Exposed as Paedophile in Milwaukee

According to Bruce Vielmetti writing for the ‘Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’ yet another ardent sodomite has been uncovered to be – you guessed it – an active paedophile and child rapist.

He describes how:

‘A Milwaukee County Children's Court judge was charged Wednesday with seven counts of possessing child pornography that showed the abuse of young boys.

Brett Blomme, 38, was arrested Tuesday and spent the night at the Dane County Jail. He made his initial appearance in Dane County on                     Wednesday afternoon, where a court commissioner set a signature bond, with the conditions Blomme not use social media or file sharing services, or have unsupervised contact with children, except for his own. By 4 p.m. he had been released.

Each of the counts carries a minimum mandatory sentence of three years and as much as 15 years in prison plus 10 years of supervised release.

The criminal complaint charges that Blomme uploaded as many as 27 images and videos of children being sexually abused last fall, using the messaging app Kik. The uploads charged in the complaint occurred from a home he and his husband own in Cottage Grove, in Dane County.

The couple has two adopted children. Court records do not suggest they are part of any of the illegal images. Child Protective Services is involved with their current placement, defense attorney Christopher Van Wagner said during the court hearing.’

Vielmetti also provides further detail about Blomme’s crimes when he discloses how:

‘Investigators were tipped via the National Center for Missing and               Exploited Children that a user called "DomMasterbb" had used the               messaging and chat app known as Kik to send suspected child                   pornography.

The complaint indicates Blomme also uploaded images using the internet at a friend's home in Milwaukee. That friend, referred to in a search warrant as Individual B, confirmed to investigators that Blomme was at his home on days that the friend's internet service showed uploads by DomMasterBB of child pornography.’

So, to translate for those of you who are blissfully pure as to be completely unfamiliar with sodomite cant ‘DomMasterBB’ translates in English to ‘Dominant Master who wants Unprotected Sex [aka Bareback = BB]’ and Blomme is posting photos illustrating his desire to be a ‘dominant master’ of a male child and also to have unprotected sex with them.

It also turns out – as Vielmetti again helpfully informs us – that Blomme is a purely political appointment to the local bench and was appointed not because of his great legal experience – as you might reasonably expect – but rather because he was such an ardent turd burglar and Milwaukee County wanted to play politics not be professional:

‘Though he had little if any legal experience in Milwaukee County, Blomme — the first openly gay person to run for judge in the county — rode the movement to diversify the circuit court to victory.’

Therefore, we can say with surety that the local politicians who were pandering to the sodomite agenda promoted by the homo lobby bear a significant amount of responsibility both for disgracing the local bench but also in aiding and abetting Blomme’s evil deeds towards innocent children in the name of ‘LGTBQ acceptance’.

If we had a decent justice system Blomme would already have been dangling from a rope and swift retribution for his despicable crimes would have been promptly served for the people to see and marvel at.